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WSBTV AEB story AEB graphic

‘All of a sudden it slammed on the brakes’ Hundreds of complaints filed over auto braking systems

Because automakers voluntarily decided to do this, Michael Brooks from the Center for Auto Safety says there are no standards or regulations to follow for these systems. Brooks says that could be contributing to the problem. “We’re hoping that NHTSA takes the lessons that it learns in these investigations of the vehicles that are on…

Kia Fire ABC Tampa 05.02.2022

Kias and Hyundais continue to burn after 5.8 million cars and SUVs recalled

Michael Brooks, with the Center for Auto Safety, said the recalls and repairs did not go far enough. “The recall did not fix the underlying problems with the engine design that caused these issues in the first place,” Brooks said. “We are going to begin issuing warnings to consumers and try to get the word…

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LG Faces Tougher U.S. Scrutiny After EV Battery-Fire Recalls

“Performing this evaluation now helps ensure that Americans won’t end up in a situation like Takata, with tens of millions of defective batteries in our garages,” Michael Brooks, acting executive director of the Center for Auto Safety said. By Keith Laing and Gabrielle Coppola April 5, 2022 (Bloomberg) — U.S. regulators have opened an investigation…

3.30.2022 Press Release Group Logos

Consumer Groups Commend General Motors’ Commitment to offer Recall-Free Vehicles on the CarBravo Platform

March 30, 2022 Contacts: Jack Gillis, CFA, 202-939-1018 Rosemary Shahan, CARS, 530-759-9440 Too Many Car Dealers Sell Dangerous Recalled Used Vehicles Washington, D.C. —  In a rare move for auto safety advocates, leaders of nonprofit consumer groups that are usually at odds with auto manufacturers today publicly commended General Motors for the auto giant’s recently…

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High-tech cars take the pain out of recalls, but there’s a catch

“We’re getting into the area where humans are used as beta testers and guinea pigs, and it’s not somewhere we want to be,” Michael Brooks, chief counsel at the Center for Auto Safety, told CNN Business. By Matt McFarland March 23, 2022 Tesla recently issued four vehicle recalls in a 12-day span. But Tesla owners…

woman standing in front of VW car

Sudden braking in 2 VW SUV models draws regulatory scrutiny

“We all want to have technology,” said Michael Brooks, chief counsel for the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety. “But if it doesn’t work and it actually causes other safety issues like phantom braking, then it suggests they need a bit of a performance standard for all of these AEB systems.” By Tom Krisher March 15,…

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Federal Vehicle Safety Rating Update Won’t Get Megacars Off the Road

“That’s the real question: can they get enough done right now at NHTSA to ensure these safety advancements actually make it into new cars?” said Michael Brooks, acting executive director of the Center for Auto Safety. By Kea Wilson March 8, 2022 A new plan to update federal consumer safety ratings for cars won’t do…

Tessla Getty Images

Tesla braking issues spur second U.S. probe related to Autopilot

“While it’s encouraging to see NHTSA’s recent enforcement actions after years of turning the other way, Tesla continues to release software onto U.S. roads that is not tested and validated to assure safe performance,” said Michael Brooks, acting executive director and chief counsel of the Center for Auto Safety. By Keith Laing and Craig Trudell…