There Auto Be A Law

Our podcast discusses auto safety issues and technological developments, in hopes of providing consumers and enthusiasts with a better understanding of modern vehicles, safety systems, and current issues in the industry.

Every week listen to Executive Director Michael Brooks, Chief Engineer Fred Perkins and host Anthony Cimino as they discuss a range of auto safety issues including self-driving cars, airbag propellants, vehicle weight and everything else car related.

Artificial Intelligence is the pet rock of today... if the pet rock could hallucinate a term paper. Or in the case of auto safety cause stockholders to hallucinate a future where Tesla creates a robotaxi. This week Tesla is sued for fraud (clutches pearls) and a Waymo drives drunk through Phoenix. Congress goes after auto makers for handing over all of your data without a subpoena and using slave labor. In a new feature focused on gaslighting we talk about the nonsense from Jeff Farah, shill for the AV industry. Plus some recalls.

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