NHTSA Grants Center for Auto Safety Petition to Investigate Nissan Rogue Automatic Emergency Braking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 12, 2019 Contact: Katherine Pedersen, (202) 328-7700 x406, kpedersen@autosafety.org Statement from Jason Levine, Executive Director, Center for Auto Safety on NHTSA granting the Center’s petition to investigate false activation of the 2017-18 Nissan Rogue Automatic Emergency Braking system: “While we are pleased

Center for Auto Safety Calls for Tesla Recall after NTSB Report

For Immediate Release September 4, 2019 Contact: Jason Levine, jlevine@autosafety.org or 202-328-7700 Center for Auto Safety Calls for Tesla Recall after NTSB Report The National Transportation Safety Board has just issued a report confirming what many have been saying for a long time: Tesla’s “AutoPilot” feature is dangerous and ca

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Crash test ratings outdated

“It’s the equivalent of Halloween; everybody gets candy. The idea is supposed to be separating between things that are safe and things that are really safe.” To view the story on ABC Action News’ Youtube Site, click here.

Post Office Fiddles While Its Mail Trucks Burn

Jason Levine, who heads the Center for Auto Safety, told Trucks.com that the Postal Service should take action – and quickly. “This is not a place to be pennywise and pound foolish,” Levine said. His organization would file a petition seeking an investigation with the NHTSA if the LLV were a passenger car. But so far, it has not done so. T

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