NHTSA Grants Center for Auto Safety Petition to Investigate Nissan Rogue Automatic Emergency Braking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 12, 2019 Contact: Katherine Pedersen, (202) 328-7700 x406, kpedersen@autosafety.org Statement from Jason Levine, Executive Director, Center for Auto Safety on NHTSA granting the Center’s petition to investigate false activation of the 2017-18 Nissan Rogue Automatic Emergency Braking system: “While we are pleased

Center for Auto Safety Calls for Tesla Recall after NTSB Report

For Immediate Release September 4, 2019 Contact: Jason Levine, jlevine@autosafety.org or 202-328-7700 Center for Auto Safety Calls for Tesla Recall after NTSB Report The National Transportation Safety Board has just issued a report confirming what many have been saying for a long time: Tesla’s “AutoPilot” feature is dangerous and ca

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‘I’m paying for a deathtrap!’ Used cars sold in Tampa Bay with unrepaired safety recalls

“These aren’t cosmetic issues,” Levine said. “These aren’t for rusting paint or where you don’t like the way the car looks. These are safety issues…The manufacturers that make vehicles that require recalls, that have these defects or violate federal law, they’re on the hook,” Levine said. “They’re the ones who need to be

Feds investigating popular SUV for unexpectedly braking by itself

“We started seeing people saying it was braking for no apparent reason, and that’s really scary and potentially very dangerous,” said Center for Automotive Safety executive director Jason Levine. “We told them this needs to be investigated and there probably needs to be a recall here because this vehicle is braking when it shouldn’t b

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