Fuel Economy

Center for Auto Safety
Safe at 60
Auto mileage reports should reflect reality: Column - 8/17/14
2001 Senate CAFE Testimony
CAS 1995 House Testimony on CAFE
CAS Opposes Flexible Fuel Vehicle CAFE Credit - DOT, 4/10/02
2004 CAS Comment on "Reforming the Automobile Fuel Economy Standards Program"

Environmental Groups
Green Machine: Eco-friendly Auto Club Challenges Long-dominant AAA
Where AAA and its critics have disagreed

Hybrids & Other Technologies
Hybrid history
EPA MPG Test Doesn't Work for Hybrids
A Winning Hybrid Shows the Way
8 Engines That Missed
Big 3 play catch-up in the hybrid game

Inflated Fuel Economy Actions & Ratings
CAS and CFAS Comment on FTC Fuel Economy Advertising Guide - 9/7/16
United States Reaches Settlement with Hyundai and Kia in Historic Greenhouse Gas Enforcement Case - 11/3/14
CAS Comment on FTC Fuel Labeling Rule, July 2, 2014
Hyundai/Kia to Correct Overstated MPG Claims as Result of EPA Investigation - 11/2/2012
Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer to Pay $885,000 Penalty to Resolve Violations of the Clean Air Act - 9/6/2012
CAS Comment on FTC Fuel Labeling Rule, 2010
1975 FTC Rulemaking on Fuel Economy Advertising

COMMENT: Lighter vehicles are not unsafe
Drilling in Detroit (Safety Chapter) - June 2001
Safe Road to Fuel Economy, CAS & MCR Technologies - April 1991

Carmakers Back Strict New Rules for Gas Mileage - 7/28/2011
Remarks by John German, ICCT - 7/28/2011
Energy Bill Extends Oil-Wasting Fuel Economy Loophole
E.P.A Holds Back Report on Car Fuel Efficiency - 7/27/2005
Automakers Gear Up for California Climate Fight - 6/14/2004
Raising fuel standards could save auto industry - 1/26/2006
New Report Shows that Within Vehicle Class, Fuel Efficiency Varies Widely - 2/27/2006

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  • 13 March

    Center for Auto Safety comment on RFC on ADAS Test Procedures

    March 5, 2020 James C. Owens, Acting Administrator National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Dockett Management Facility U.S. Department of Transportation 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE West Building, Ground Floor, Room W12-140 Washington, DC 20590-0001 Submitted electronically via www.regulations.gov RE: Request for Comments on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Draft Research Test …

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  • 13 March

    Center for Auto Safety Response to FCC comment request on Docket No. 19-138

    March 5, 2020 The Honorable Ajit Pai, Chairman Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street, SW Washington, DC 2055 Submitted electronically via FCC.gov Dear Chairman Pai: The Center for Auto Safety (“the Center”) appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Commission’s request for comments on Notice of Proposed Rulemaking – ET …

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  • 6 March

    Self-driving firms to California: Let us charge, or you’ll fall behind

    But it’s difficult to square the well-funded companies’ rationale, said Jason Levine, director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Auto Safety. He said in an interview that while he understands companies may want to recoup some of what they spend, “That’s the cost of doing business. It’s hard to feel …

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  • 2 March

    EasyMile autonomous shuttles barred from carrying passengers

    Jason Levine, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, said the decision to halt EasyMile’s operations might have been the right move. But he said the announcement, coming on the same day as a National Transportation Safety Board hearing during which NHTSA was faulted for its oversight of Tesla’s partially …

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  • 24 January

    Safety advocate drops lawsuit after service bulletins get posted on NHTSA site

    For years, car companies kept consumers in the dark about the existence of vital repairs for defects that often were available for free,” Jason Levine, the center’s executive director, said in a statement. “The center fought for decades against secret warranties and other dirty tricks of the auto manufacturers in …

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  • 1 January

    FTC Fuel Economy Advertising Guidelines Comment

      Comments of Consumer Federation of America, Center for Auto Safety Evan Johnson Center for Auto Safety2 1825 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 330 Washington, DC 20009 Jack Gillis Consumer Federation of America 1620 I St. NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20006 We appreciate the opportunity to comment in this long …

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