Driverless is not here

Self driving cars are tech-bro playthings, not a safe alternative.

Autonomous vehicles are currently not the answer to traffic fatalities. Robotaxis are being tested in cities without consent of the residents and without proper oversight. These cars regularly fail at basic driving tasks, leading to negative outcomes.

Robo-taxi Fails

Marketing teams can call them robo-taxis, self driving cars, or whatever else - but they ignore the fact these are multi-thousand pound experiments let loose in our cities. Below are a handful of examples of these dangerous failures.

Although construction workers and cones blocked off the area, a GM Cruise drove into wet cement and got stuck.

A Waymo self driving car ignored two police officers in front of it, and ran over a fire hose.

Despite numerous cameras and sensors, a self driving GM Cruise taxi crashed into a fire truck.

A person got stuck underneath a GM Cruise robo-taxi and the car dragged them.

Lobbyists for autonomous vehicle companies (Waymo, GM Cruise, Amazon, Apple, etc.) are scrambling across every state in America to promote unproven benefits of AVs, and to craft state and federal laws that favor AV manufacturers, putting consumers at risk and keeping local authorities powerless.

The Autonomous Vehicle Consumer Bill of Rights uniquely provides high level design requirements necessary to assure that the AV design will provide adequate security, privacy, and operational safety consumers deserve and demand.

Each week, our There Auto Be a Law podcast delves into issues of auto safety. As the testing of AV's continues, we discuss how to make these things safer.