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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) oversees safety recalls of  motor vehicles as well as tires, child safety seats, and other items of motor vehicle equipment.  When one of these products experiences a safety-related defect or is not compliant with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS), NHTSA is charged with ensuring public safety. Although almost all recalls are undertaken voluntarily by manufacturers, they may be strongly encouraged by NHTSA as part of an ongoing safety defect investigation, or advocated for by individuals or consumer groups who can petition NHTSA to open an investigation into a particular defect. Rarely, NHTSA will order an automaker or other supplier to conduct a recall. 

Key Issues

Ford Explorer (2011-17): Suspected carbon monoxide leaks in vehicles’ cabins

Chrysler Pacifica (2017): Software malfunction resulting in engine stall

Goodyear G159 Tires (1996-2003): Motorhome tires may fail at highway speeds

Current Recalls & Investigations

Check Your Vehicle for Recalls

  • Chrysler Pacifica (2017): Chrysler issued a recall after reports of engine stall due to a software malfunction. Affected vehicles: 140,000 (18V-049)
  • Ford Ranger (2004-06): Recalled for the repair and replacement of Takata airbags; includes some vehicles that were previously recalled for the issue. Affected Vehicles: 370,000 (17V-787, 17V-788)
  • Dodge-Ram Pickup Trucks (Various): Brake-transmission shift interlock device problem can result in gear shifts without the driver’s foot on the brake pedal or keys in the ignition. Affected Vehicles: 1,482,874 (17V-821)

  • Ford Fusion (2010), Ford Fusion Hybrid (2010): Loss of power steering during operation. Affected Vehicles: 263,000; Complaints: 2217; Injuries: 7; Deaths: 0 (EA17-004)
  • Goodyear G159 (1996-2003): Tires designed for low speeds were sold as motorhome tires and may fail at highway speeds. Affected Units: 40,000; Complaints: 10; Injuries: 13; Deaths: 1 (PE17-009)
  • Ford Explorer (2011-17): NHTSA is investigating reports of accidents caused by exhaust odor and possible carbon monoxide leaks into the vehicles’ cabins. Affected Vehicles: 1,333,000; Complaints: 2719; Injuries: 39; Deaths: 0 (EA17-002)

Ongoing Problems

Major & Historic Recalls

Some recalls and investigations stand out from the rest. For example, the Ford Pinto will always be remembered for its exploding gas tanks long after everything else is forgotten about the car. Find out more about these recalls here.

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