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HR-V Shattered Window Chicago Sun Times 2.20.2024

Honda HR-V rear windows are suddenly shattering: ‘Like bang!’

Brooks worries about exploding glass in a moving vehicle becoming a dangerous distraction, not to mention the possibility of stolen property if a window shatters while a car is parked. “A recall is an acknowledgment that you screwed up and you’re making it right with your customers,” Brooks says. By Stephanie Zimmermann February 20, 2024…

Tesla Model Y 2023

U.S. safety agency deepens probe of Tesla power steering loss

Michael Brooks, executive director at the consumer advocacy group Center for Auto Safety, noted the agency had identified steering rack part numbers, suggesting it was examining possible hardware defects. The high failure rates of the new models suggest that “there is a significant issue here,” Brooks said. By David Shepardson and Hyunjoo Jin February 2,…

AP UNE Guardrail Test Heavy EVs 1.31.2024

Preliminary test crashes indicate the nation’s guardrail system can’t handle heavy electric vehicles

“Guardrails are kind of a safety feature of last resort. I think what you’re seeing here is the real concern with EVs — their weight. There are a lot of new vehicles in this larger-size range coming out in that 7,000-pound range. And that’s a concern.” – Michael Brooks, Executive Director of the Center for…

CBC News KCAL Shattered Window Story 1.23.2024

Honda HR-V rear windows are shattering in the cold. Consumer Reports says the car should be recalled.

Honda HR-V owners have lodged more than 300 complaints about shattered rear windshields with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is an unusually high number for a newer model, Michael Brooks, executive director at the advocacy group Center for Auto Safety, told Consumer Reports. By Aimee Picchi January 23, 2024 Hundreds of Honda HR-V…

CR 2023 Honda HR-V Windo Shatter Story

Honda HR-V Rear Windows Are Shattering. Here’s What Owners Should Do.

“When you read through the complaints on those incidents, drivers generally appear to be pretty unsettled by these events,” says Michael Brooks, executive director at the Center for Auto Safety, an advocacy group. “I think it is reasonable to presume that we will see crashes related to such incidents, given enough failures.” By Keith Barry…

Deadly Seatback Failures CBS 01.17.2024

Congress demands answers after safety regulator misses deadline on potentially lifesaving new rules for vehicle seats

By Kris Van Cleave January 17, 2024 The nation’s top auto safety regulator was given two years by order of Congress to make vehicle seats stronger, following a multi-year CBS News investigation. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, missed the deadline. Now, 10 U.S. senators are demanding answers. “I’m going to turn up…

Tesla Recall David Paul Bloomberg 12.15.2023

Tesla Autopilot Recall Threatens Its Defense in Lawsuits Over Crashes

The company’s acknowledgment in the notice that safeguards around its Autosteer feature “may not be sufficient to prevent driver misuse” amounts to an admission of a safety defect, said Michael Brooks, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety. By Malathi Nayak December 15, 2023 Tesla Inc.’s biggest vehicle recall ever threatens to hurt the…

NBC Nightly News Tesla Recall 12.13.2023

Tesla issues massive recall involving autopilot feature

“There are too many drivers that are over-relying on the Tesla technology.” – Michael Brooks, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety. By Tom Costello and NBC Nightly News December 13, 2023 After a series of accidents involving Tesla’s autopilot feature, the company issued a recall for nearly every Tesla in America. The company…

Tesla Introduces Self-Driving Feature w Software Upgrade CR Bloomberg

Tesla Critics Say the Autopilot Recall Fixes Don’t Go Far Enough

“…There don’t appear to be any answers or fixes relating to the system’s repeated failures to detect and respond to emergency personnel and other related hazards.” By Keith Laing December 14, 2023 Tesla Inc.’s decision to fix more than 2 million vehicles’ Autopilot systems in the midst of federal probes drew some praise from safety…