Rear Seat Safety

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Rear Seat SafetyGirl’s tragedy has parents calling for changes to car design. US News and World Report. June 8, 2021.


Rear Seat Safety

New push for safer car seats to combat seatback failures. AZ Family News. April 28, 2021.


Rear Seat Safety

Senators propose legislation to boost safety of vehicle seats after CBS News investigation. CBS News. April 26, 2021.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are perhaps the greatest defense for drivers and passengers in the event of a crash, but NHTSA and other regulatory agencies don’t always get it right. Read key seat belt news below:

Rear Seat Safety

People who don’t buckle up in the back seat are running real risks. The Washington Post. March 3, 2018.

Rear Seat Safety

Unbelted Rider in the Back Could Kill Someone in the Front. Fair Warning. August 2, 2017.

Rear Seat Safety

US reviewing seat belts on school buses. February 10, 2015.


Rear Seat Safety

Auto Safety: At the foundation of the House infrastructure bill. The Hill. June 30, 2020.

Our Actions

Rear Seat Safety

NHTSA Urged to Warn Parents of Seat Back Failure Dangers to Children in Rear Seats. March 9, 2016.

Rear Seat Safety

“No excuse”: Safety experts say this car defect puts kids in danger. CBS News. March 9, 2016.

CAS Petitions NHTSA to Warn Parents of Seat Back Failure Dangers to Children in Rear Seats – 3/9/16

CAS Letter to NHTSA Administrator Rosekind – 3/9/16

CAS Letter to DOT Secretary Foxx – 3/11/16

CAS Supplement to Petition, Early Warning Reporting – 8/4/16

Collapsing Seat Backs and Injury Causation: A Timeline of Knowledge

Friedman Study: Child Fatalities in Rear Impacts

ARCCA/Cantor Petition for Rulemaking on Seat Back Collapse – 9/28/15

NHTSA Seat Back Rulemaking History


Seat Back Collapse: 15 Years Later Feds Still Fail To Address A Deadly Problem – 11/29/16

Safest place for kids is behind an unoccupied front seat, says Center for Auto Safety – 9/13/16

Collapsing Vehicle Seat Backs: What Can You Do? – 7/14/16

“Killing children”: Congress takes action on danger of car seat backs – 5/25/16

Crash-Test Dummies Get in Back Seat to Make Uber Riders Safer – 5/25/16

Safety Advocates Say Fatal Car Seat Failures Are ‘Public Health Crisis’ – 5/16/16

Regulators, Automakers Urged to Warn Parents About Flawed Seats – 3/23/16

“No excuse”: Safety experts say this car defect puts kids in danger – 3/9/16

Consumer group demands new car seat safety standards – 3/9/16

Center For Auto Safety Offers Safest Sitting Positions For Parents With Toddlers – 3/28/16

NHTSA standards fail to protect from car seat fatalities, experts say – 10/28/15


Markey, Blumenthal, DeGette to NHTSA: Update 50-Year-Old Seatback Safety Standard to Prevent Fatal Collapse, Investigate Automaker Compliance with Reporting Requirements – 11/22/16

Markey, Blumenthal Query Automakers on Seat Back Safety – 5/25/16

Markey, Blumenthal Letters to Automakers on Seat Back Safety

CAS Powerpoint Presentations to NTSB

Seat Back Collapse: Why NHTSA Has No Data – 8/2/16

Updating Police Crash Investigation and Reporting – 8/2/16

NTSB Workshop on Rear Seat Safety