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July 2000

Dear Jeep Owner:

Thank you for contacting the Center for Auto Safety (CAS)
about your Jeep. CAS has received many complaints from consumers concerning
brake failure, engine fires,
peeling paint
, stalling, and sudden
. Since Chrysler’s purchase of AMC-Jeep-Renault in
1987, Chrysler has essentially turned Jeep into a manufacturer of upscale
sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that are far more likely to see only the
county club than the back woods and ranch like the older CJ’s, Wranglers
and Wagoneers. Chrysler has kept the Wrangler but dispatched the beloved
woody Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer for the expensive Grand Cherokee which
racks up over $5,000 per vehicle profit.

While the roll-over prone CJ-series has been replaced by
the more stable Wrangler, Jeep models still have higher than average rollover
rates. CAS discovered a lethal Jeep defect, rear power windows
that strangled at least 5 small children
, and got a major safety
recall of 1970-88 Wagoneers and 1974-83 Cherokees. A particularly expensive
Jeep defect is peeling paint on 1985-93 models caused
by exposure to sunlight. Chrysler covers up paint problems by buying off
aggressive consumers under a secret warranty and ignoring consumers who
don’t complain loudly.

Despite a recall of 1989-90 Cherokees for defective throttle
position sensors, 1984-95 Cherokees continue to have the highest number
of sudden acceleration incidents among sport utility
vehicles. Chrysler now blames faulty pedal placement
for Jeep sudden acceleration. In order to accommodate the 4×4 shiftbox,
the accelerator and brake pedals on these vehicles had to be moved over
to the left which places the accelerator almost directly underneath the
steering wheel, near where the brake pedal would normally be. Not until
ABC’s “Prime Time Live” aired a segment on Jeep sudden acceleration in
May 1997, did Chrysler propose to offer as a safety measure, a shiftlock
on all pre-1996 Cherokees that prevents shifts out of Park unless the
brake is depressed.

You’ll find more information on these and other Jeep problems
below and what you can do about them plus
a complaint box. Your information will
help us build a strong case against Chrysler on the defects we know about
and help us spot new ones.

We need you to support the Center for Auto Safety in our
fight for consumer rights and against poorly designed and unsafe cars.
Your contribution is tax-deductible
and entitles your to our quarterly newsletter, Lemon Times.
Please submit the membership form along with
your contribution and complaint. If you contribute $35 or more, we will send you the current edition of The Ultimate Car Book, by Jack Gillis.
Every home should have this invaluable consumer guide.


Clarence M. Ditlow
Executive Director

Chrysler Technical Service Bulletin Numbers are in parentheses
Wrangler Wagoneer Grand Wagoneer Cherokee Grand Cherokee Comanche

Drifts left in hard braking 1992-95 Cherokee & 1993-95 Grand Cherokee,
Grand Wagoneer (05-01-95); Front disc pad rattle 1992-94 Grand Cherokee,
Wagoneer & 1993-94 Cherokee, Wrangler (05-04-95A); “Grind” or scrape
in hard braking 1993-97 Cherokee (02-07-96); Click 1997-98 Wrangler, Cherokee,
Grand Cherokee (05-02-98); Pulsation 1997-99 Wrangler, Cherokee 1997-98
Grand Cherokee (05-03-98A).

Stalling 1987-90 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche(18-54-89); Long crank &/or
engine die-out 1991-92 Comanche, Cherokee, Wrangler with 4.0L (18-12-92);
Intermittent poor 4.0L performance below 32EF
1993-95 Grand Cherokee (18-08-95); Oil consumption 1987-88 all 4.2L with
aluminum valve covers (09-52-88) & 2.5 & 4.0L 1988 (09-56-88);
Fuel pump noise 1987-90 Cherokee, Wagoneer (14-51-90); Oil in air cleaner
1987-90 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche(14-51-91); Head gasket leaks, 4.0L
1987-92 Comanche, Cherokee, Wrangler & 1993 Grand Cherokee (09-11-92);
Outer exhaust manifold studs break 2.5L 1991-92 Comanche, 1991-99 Wrangler,
Cherokee (11-07-98A); 4.0L MIL misfire, vibration 1996-98 Cherokee, Grand
Cherokee, 1997-98 Wrangler (18-22-98); Light spark knock 1996-97 Cherokee,
Grand Cherokee (18-24-98); Spark knock, misfire, surge @ 45mph in 4th
with 3.9, 5.2, 5.9L 1994-98 Grand Cherokee (18-48-98).

Incorrect fuel reading 1986-89 Cherokee, Wagoneer (14-52-89); Excess gauge
movement 1986-89 Grand Wagoneer (14-54-89); Defroster turns on when accelerating
1993-97 Grand Cherokee with manual A/C (24-01-96A); A/C evaporator drain
blockage, water leaks from heater housing & odor 1993-96 Grand Cherokee,
Grand Wagoneer (24-06-96); Growl from A/C compressor 1995-96 Cherokee
& 1995/1997 Wrangler (24-08-96); Defroster inoperative 1993-96 Grand
Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer (24-21-96).

For detailed package on peeling paint on 1985-93 models, go to CAS-Chrysler

Wheel vibrates at idle, 2.5L 1987-90 Comanche(19-53-89); Moan & hiss,
4.0L 1988-91 Cherokee, Wag; Suspension, shock noise 1992 Cherokee &
1993 Grand Cherokee (02-02-92) & 1993 Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer
(03-01-92 & 03-02-92); Snapping/popping in rear suspension 1993-95
Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer (03-02-95); Stabilizer bar bushing squeaks 1993-95
Grand Cherokee, Wagoneer (02-16-94); Front coil spring squeaks 1993-95
Grand Cherokee (02-18-94); Low ride height at rear 1993-96 Cherokee (03-06-96);
Steering column squawk or scrape 1997-98 Wrangler (19-04-98).

Ignition key sticks 1987-89 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche with A/T (21-51-89);
Door lock binds 1985-91 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche(23-54-91); Thump
from transmission tunnel on acceleration or bumpy roads 1993-98 Grand
Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, 1995-99 Cherokee, 1997-99 Wrangler (21-09-98);
“Chalky” residue on exterior plastic body components 1989-97 Cherokee,
Wagoneer 1989-95 Wrangler 1993-97 Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer &
1997Wrangler (23-03-97); Headlamps flicker 1995-96 Cherokee (08-26-96);
Sheet metal cracks, creaking from front door hinge &/or door sags
1993-95 Cherokee (23-04-96); Front seatbelt retractor slow to return 1993-95
Cherokee (23-10-96); Roof rattles/vibrates at highway speeds 1993-96 Grand
Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer (23-32-96); Rear axle growl 1997-98 Grand Cherokee
(03-03-98); Sunroof sticks 1997-98 Grand Cherokee (23-54-98).

Copies of recalls may be obtained by calling NHTSA’s Technical
Reference Division at 202-366-2768.

70,000 1995 Cherokee – Fails to deploy (95V-057); 700 1997 Wrangler –
Delayed deployment (96V-060); 1,600 Wrangler – Driver airbag “clock spring”
wiring harness breaks (98V-046); 12,000 1994 Cherokee & 77,000 1996
Cherokee – Weak rear belt anchorages (93V-161 & 97V-040); 1,900 1998
Cherokee, Wrangler – Front shoulder belt anchors (98V-048); 13,000 1999
Grand Cherokee – Rear belt retractor (98V-276); 50+ 2000 Grand Cherokee
– Passenger airbag inflator (99V-343); ‘391,623 1997-99 Cherokee – Airbag
control module corrodes (00V-105); 50,000+ 2000 Grand Cherokee- Shoulder
belt mounting bolt (00V-034).

41,073 1986 Comanche- Park brake pawl (86V-147); 1,600 1985-87 Wagoneer,
Comanche, Cherokee with 2.1L turbo-diesel – P/assist loss (88V-106); 160
1991 Cherokee – Rear tube leak (90V-206); 17,000 1990-91 Cherokee &
1990 Wagoneer – ABS hose leak (91V-063); 33,000 1989-90 Cherokee, Wagoneer
with ABS – Hose chafing, fluid contamination & snap ring failure (91V-003);
425 1991 Cherokee with ABS – Tube leak (91V-023); 280,000 1987-92 Wrangler
– Front hoses rub (92V-148); 600 1993 Cherokee, Wagoneer – Master cylinder
input rod to pedal loose (92V-181); 135,000 1995 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee
– Park brake inoperative (95V-172); 200,000+ 1990-91 Cherokee, Wrangler,
Comanche, 1993 Grand Cherokee & 334,047 1995 Cherokee, 1994-95 Grand
Cherokee – Front rotors corrode (98V-005 & 99V-340); 8,900 1998 Cherokee,
Grand Cherokee, Wrangler – Booster diaphragm tears (98V-023)

180,000 ’70-83 Wagoneer, ’74-83 Cherokee, 1984-88 Grand Wagoneer – Tailgate
p/window strangles child (87V-178); 100,000 1991-93 Wrangler with manual
transmission – Corrosion shorts starter circuit & starts engine (93V-083);
70,000 1996 Grand Cherokee – P/seat short starts fire (97V-039); 2,000
1999 Wrangler – Instrument panel ground wire loose (99V-117).

14,643 1986 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Fuel line fitting fire (85V-139);
635 I-6 engine 1987 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Fuel hose leak (86V-160);
230,000 1987-93 Wrangler – Fuel tank gasket leak (94V-106); 32,000 1996
Cherokee, Grand Cherokee – Alternator fuse short causes engine fire (95V-193).

10,504 1984 Grand Wagoneer – Front wheel bearings seize (84V-009); 1984
Cherokee, Wagoneer – Overloaded rear wheel bearing (84V-024); 41,119 1984
Cherokee, Wagoneer – Loose steering bolts (84V-028); 2,569 1984 Cherokee,
Wagoneer – Rear axle lock-up (84V-045); 265 1985 Wagoneer, Cherokee with
turbo-diesel – Loose steering shaft bolt (84V-122); 3,333 1987 Wrangler
– Loose wheel nuts & steering shaft bolts (86V-058); 6,958 1986-87
Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Steering linkage couplers (86V-190); 25,000
1993 Cherokee, Wagoneer – Suspension arm adjuster bolts fail (93V-051);
115,000 1993 Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer – Sheared steering column
shaft pin (93V-210); 2,500 1993-96 Cherokee – Frame cracks at steering
gear attachment (97V-069); 1,259 2000 Grand Cherokee – Steering gear binds
(99V-312) .

2,218 1985 Cherokee, Wagoneer – Accelerator pedal interference (84V-138);
4,928 1986 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Accelerator cable bushing disconnects,
engine returns to idle (86V-146); 3,996 1987 Wagoneer, Cherokee, Comanche,
Grand Wagoneer, Wrangler – Cruise control module (87V-022); 20,439 1987
Cherokee, Wagoneer, Comanche- Throttle body (87V-035); 165,000 1989-90
Cherokee, Comanche – Throttle position sensor causes high idle after start-up,

13,532 1982 Cherokee, Wagoneer – Manual transmission lacks lubricant (82V-125);
75,000 1987-88 Wrangler & 11,000 1989 Wrangler – W/S frame cracks
at wiper mount, binds wiper linkage (88V-155 & 93V-150); 80,000
1993 Cherokee, Wagoneer – Liftgate opens inadvertently (93V-055); 360,000
1997 Cherokee, Grand Cherokee Fuel gauge inaccurate (97V-194); 65,000
1996 Grand Cherokee Temporary spare overheats axle (98V-006).


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