Questions raised about General Motors, government action in recall over thousands of car fires

DETROIT – Shortly after Elizabeth Berry parked her bright yellow 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS on the street in front of her family’s home in May 2014, flames engulfed the engine, destroying the car and scorching her mailbox.

“I was hysterical. That was like my third baby,” she says of the car.

Compounding the shock was the fact that five years earlier, Berry had answered a recall notice from General Motors for a repair that was supposed to prevent engine fires.

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NHTSA, automakers address fire risks

David Shepardson/ Detroit News Washington Bureau
Washington -The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, now investigating fire risks in the extended-range electric Chevrolet Volt, has long made fire hazards in gas-powered vehicles a priority.
Automakers have issued about a dozen recalls over the last year for fire risks in gasoline-powered vehicles.
NHTSA has also opened or upgraded a half-dozen investigations into fire problems this year. It also has an ongoing investigation into whether more than 3 million Jeep Grand Cherokees pose a fire hazard.

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