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A Tesla Model 3 vehicle is shown driving using Full Self Driving (FSD) beta software on a California highway near Irvine, California, U.S., February 7, 2023. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Tesla recalls nearly all U.S. vehicles to fix system that monitors drivers using Autopilot after investigation into deadly crashes

Koopman and Michael Brooks, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, contend that crashing into emergency vehicles is a safety defect that isn’t addressed. “It’s not digging at the root of what the investigation is looking at,” Brooks said. “It’s not answering the question of why are Teslas on Autopilot not detecting and…

Cybertruck Nic Coury Bloomberg 12.13.2023

Pedestrians, already dying at record levels, now face Elon Musk’s Cybertruck

“Just like Elon says —  If you have an argument with another car, you will win — so long as ‘winning’ means inflicting life-threatening damage to other humans on the road,” Brooks said. By Mike Gagliardi December 13, 2023 As vehicles get bigger and heavier, they also get deadlier. It’s a trend that has some concerned…

Tesla Recall Story CBS Austin 12.13.2023

Austin Tesla owners start getting Autopilot recall updates

“They are drilling down on exactly where and under what conditions the technology can be used. Only on controlled-access highways like interstates and some of the larger highways in America,” said Michael Brooks, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety. By Bettie Cross December 13, 2023 Tesla is recalling nearly all vehicles sold in…

Tesla Recall WILX 10 12.13.2023

Tesla recalls most of its US fleet after self-driving recall

Micheal Brooks of the Center for Auto Safety said the autopilot feature can be misleading. “Despite some of the marketing that Tesla’s done, these cars are not self-driving; they’re not anywhere close, and you have to, as a driver, monitor the situation at all times.” By Marz Anderson December 13, 2023 Many Michiganders have gone…

Tesla Showroom Vehicle Yahoo News

Tesla Recalls 2 Million Vehicles—Nearly Every Car They’ve Sold in the U.S.

Michael Brooks, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, told the Associated Press, “It’s not digging at the root of what the investigation is looking at. It’s not answering the question of why are Teslas on Autopilot not detecting and responding to emergency activity?” By Devon Forward December 13, 2023 Tesla just announced a huge recall of more…

Car Fire in Driveway After Recall WFTV 12.14.2023

‘I was terrified’: Car goes up in flames in driveway even after recall repair was done

“It’s somewhat unacceptable, you know, they did everything right, they went and got the recall repair when they were supposed to. And supposedly their vehicle is fixed,” said Michael Brooks with the Center for Auto Safety. By Jeff Deal December 13, 2023 A Ford Escape suddenly burst into flames in a DeLand driveway.  That was…

DPC Cars Tesla Crash Test Front RDN 12.12.2023

Safety professionals weigh in on Tesla’s Cybertruck

Michael Brooks, the Center for Auto Safety’s executive director, told Repairer Driven News that the Cybertruck poses numerous possible threats to pedestrians. “… The ultra-hard cold-rolled stainless steel used in the CyberTruck results in a vehicle body that we believe is much less forgiving than other modern vehicles, and the force of the impact with…

CBC Budget Rental Story Sherry Ebner 12.11.2023

Budget Car Rental blames possible tire thieves after SUV sends driver, kids spinning out of control

California introduced a law last year that clearly says the rental companies themselves need to ensure the vehicles they rent are “mechanically sound and safe to operate.” “It puts them on notice,” said Michael Brooks, the executive director at the Center for Auto Safety in the U.S. By Rosa Marchitelli, Jenn Blair December 11, 2023…

Shattered Windows KDKA CBS Pittsburgh 12.11.2023

Owners of some Honda HR-V vehicles report “randomly” shattering rear windshields

“We’re at the point now, where we’re seeing so many complaints that I just don’t think the rates can be ignored anymore,” said Michael Brooks, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety. By Meghan Schiller December 11, 2023 A North Hills woman said she can still hear the loud shatter and remember the…