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Musk and Cybertruck Frederick J Brown and AFP 12.11.2023

Safety experts compare the Cybertruck to a ‘guideless missile’ due to its weight, speed, and Autopilot features

“The stiffness of putting stainless steel construction on top of a stiff battery in a vehicle,” Brooks said, “essentially it seems like it’s just going to turn these vehicles into a missile.” By Madison Hall December 11, 2023 Tesla’s newly-released Cybertruck weighs 3.5 tons and has the acceleration of a Formula 1 car. Experts, however,…

Cybertruck Rolling Stone CR 12.09.2023

Musk Fanboys Melt Down After Ralph Nader-Founded Car Safety Group Trashes Cybertruck

But the Cybertruck, Brooks adds, adds two uniquely troubling factors to this equation: First is the “ultra-hard, cold-rolled stainless steel” exterior, which the center reasons “is much less forgiving than other modern vehicles.” Referring to Musk’s flashy demonstrations of the truck’s toughness, Brooks says: “The Cybertruck can stop a bullet and Joe Rogan‘s arrow, but what…

Broken Passenger Side Window Philadelphia Inquirer 12.07.2023

With one month left, 2023 is already the worst year for vehicle thefts in more than 15 years

The federal government needs to implement more robust cybersecurity and theft protection for vehicles into law to deter the rise in thefts, he said. Without it, thefts will likely continue to rise, he said. “Because hackers aren’t going to stop getting more advanced,” he said. By Rodrigo Torrejon December 7, 2023 On the afternoon of…

Key in ignition KHOU 11 12.07.2023

Yes, a heavy keychain can damage your car’s ignition over time

In an email, Michael Brooks, the executive director of The Center for Auto Safety, told VERIFY that GM and Nissan have previously cited heavy keychains as factors for damaged vehicle ignitions in recall notices. By Erin Jones December 7, 2023 “This weight puts extra strain on the ignition lock barrel. This can cause parts to wear out, and potentially…

WSBTV Atlanta Airbag 12.5.2023

BMW issues recall after Takata airbags blow apart, hurl shrapnel at drivers

“It’s a troubling issue and it makes us wonder, you know, do we need to go back to the drawing board and have some federal regulations that apply to how airbags are designed,” Brooks said. Story By Justin Gray December 5, 2023 Channel 2 Action News has learned that a new recall has been issued involving…

FILE- This June 25, 2017, file photo shows TK Holdings Inc. headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich. Japanese air bag maker Takata Corp. has reached a $650 million deal to settle consumer protection claims from 44 states and Washington, D.C., but only a fraction of the money will be paid due to Takata's financial problems and bankruptcy. In an agreement announced Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018, the states said they will not collect the settlement so that victims of Takata's faulty air bag inflators can get a bigger piece of the company's remaining money. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

US agency to watch unrecalled Takata inflators after one blows apart, injuring a driver in Chicago

Companies want to save money by delaying any recalls, Brooks said. “The longer you delay any recall, the more of those vehicles are going to go out of service.” By Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer U.S. auto safety regulators said Monday they are monitoring data from a group of mostly unrecalled Takata air bag inflators…

EV Crash Fox 2 News 11.30.2023

EVs: the future of transportation with a Cyber Hippo weight problem

The concerns is for a growing fleet of much heavier cars colliding with far lighter gasoline cars. “We’re gonna see negative consequences for the people in smaller vehicles, said Michael Brooks, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety. By Tom Vacar November 30, 2023 Experts say the best time to by a new car…

Chicago Sun Times Crash Aftermath Recalled Vehicle 2004

Used-car dealers keep selling vehicles despite safety recalls. We found dozens for sale.

Michael Brooks, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, says dealers are putting the responsibility on shoppers who might not follow through. “They just want to sell the car to these people and tell them there’s a recall and they need to fix it, and we know consumers are not that great at…

Hyundai Safety Center WESH 2 News 11.24.2023

New Hyundai test center aims to improve safety

[Michael Brooks with the Center for Auto Safety] says he hopes the testing center makes Hyundai and Kia vehicles safer, but he’s reserving judgment until he sees the results, adding, “It could be dedicated to make sure their cars are pretty safe but also combatting allegations that their cars may be defective, so the proof…