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2003 Car Book Quiz – Answers


1. The Honda Civic with a driver death rate of 47 per million vehicle years of use for all crashes is the best. The huge 4W-drive Chevrolet Suburban has a death rate of 53 just above the vaunted Mercedes C-class at 52. The Ford Taurus is 81. Really bad is the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer at 195, four times higher than the Civic.


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2003 Car Book Quiz

1. Which vehicle has the lowest driver death rate?

a. Honda Civic
b. Ford Taurus
c. Chevy Suburban
d. Mercedes C-class

2. Who tops the lemon list for 2003?

a. Ford
b. Chrysler
c. GM
d. Kia
e. VW

3. only one 2003 has a 93%+ injury avoidance for both driver and passenger in 35-mph front and 38-mph side barrier crashes; pick the safety winner.

a. Pontiac Sunfire
b. Volvo S60
c Honda Civic
d. Ford Windstar


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