An introduction to CAS’ Safety Research Library

The Center for Auto Safety is the nation’s premier independent, member driven, non-profit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to improving vehicle safety, quality, and fuel economy on behalf of all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


The Center for Auto Safety’s (CAS) Safety Research Library provide
access to a wide range of federal, technical, and manufacturer
information that is difficult, if not impossible to find. CAS gathers
and provides this technical information to fulfill our mission of
protecting and promoting consumer rights to safe automobiles.

Known for expertise in the automobile safety field, CAS staff monitor
the activities of manufacturers, independent engineers, and state and
federal agencies. CAS researchers compile information on manufacturing
defects, motor vehicle crashworthiness, federal rulemaking, technical
reports, crash tests, and state regulation of the auto industry. The
CAS Research Library contains one of the largest non-government
collections of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration technical
papers outside the auto industry.


Compiled on the most common defects and safety concerns, the Safety
Research Reports (SRRs) are multi-volume bound reports which provide a
detailed overview including documents that are often difficult, if not
impossible to find. SRRs can save countless hours of research time. .
Each CAS Safety Research Report contains federal rulemaking and
investigatory documents, technical reports, background articles, crash
tests, CAS files, and manufacturer internal memoranda. The Side Impact
Protection SRR, for instance, is designed to demonstrate the
effectiveness of side impact technology, early manufacturer awareness of
the need for improved protection, and the feasibility of including
injury reducing technology in vehicles. A specific index of contents is
available for each report on our site’s Books & Reports page.


To order a report, you must be a member of our CAS’ Safety Research
Library. For a listing of Safety Research Reports and their indices, go
to Books & Reports page. For more information and current pricing,
please e-mail [email protected], or write CAS Safety Research
Library, 1825 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 330, Washington DC 20009-5708.