Keith Friedman
Friedman Research Corp.
1508-B Ferguson Lane
Austin, TX 78754
(512) 247-2277
E-mail: [email protected]
Accident Reconstruction, Airbags, Biomechanics, Computer Simulation, Crashworthiness-Interior, Crashworthiness-Structure, Fire/Explosion Investigation, Handling/Stability, Heavy Trucks, Rollover

Richard H. Schulze, P.E.
Unified Investigations & Sciences, Inc.
223 E. Greenbriar Lane
Dallas, TX 75203
E-mail: [email protected]
Accident Reconstruction, Airbags, Air Conditioning/Heating, Axles, Batteries, Body/Structure Engineering,Brakes, Buses, Carburetors, Catalytic Converters,Corrosion/Rust,Diesel Engines, Electrical System, Electronic Engine Controls, Engine Performance,Emission Control System, Exhaust System, Fire/Explosion Investigation, Fuel Injection System, Fuel Tank/Filler/Lines, Heavy Trucks, Instrument Panel/Control/Displays, Jacking Systems, Lighting Systems, Lubricants/Oils, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles (includes Mobile Homes), Seat/Seat Back, Steering Columns, Steering System, Suspension, Tires, Transmissions, Unintended (Sudden) Acceleration, Vision/Field of View, Wheels

Frank H. Johnson
System Engineering and Labs (SEAL)
12785 Hwy 64 E
Tyler, TX 75707
(903) 566-1980
E-mail: [email protected]
Accident Reconstruction, Computer Simulation, Fire/Explosion Investigation, Heavy Trucks, Metallurgy, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles (includes Mobile Homes), Forensic Engineering, Mechanical Failure, Crash Data Retrival (CDR or “black box”