Takata Page Backup 11/21/14

Takata Page Backup 11/21/14

June 25, 2014

NHTSA & Takata Strike Deadly Deal Behind Closed Doors To Limit Airbag Inflator Recall

       “Sitting in air conditioned offices away from the sweltering humidity of Washington streets and away from the eyes of public scrutiny, NHTSA and Takata officials reached one of the strangest recall deals ever seen.  They agreed Takata could limit recall of airbag inflators that explode and send shrapnel into the occupant compartment to Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and U.S. Virgin Islands.  The agreement totally ignores states such as Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and others with notoriously high relative humidities not to mention Washington DC and even Portland Oregon which is higher than Hawaii.  Without explanation, the agreement relies on absolute humidity for which records are scanty and no data are provided by either NHTSA or Takata.  When it comes to a defect so deadly as an airbag inflator that kills like a shrapnel bomb, the public deserves more than a private nod from NHTSA to Takata just like the agency gave GM on the ignition switch defect.”

Statement of Clarence Ditlow
Executive Director

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List of All Takata Airbag Inflator Recalls and Service Campaigns

Honda Part 573 Recall & Defect Chronology

List of Known Victims of Takata Airbag Inflators 


CAS Statement on NHTSA Request for Nationwide Recall of Defective Takata Airbag Inflators – 11/18/14

Letter to NHTSA on Tran Death Resulting from Airbag Replaced in December 2011 Recall – 10/30/14

CAS Calls for Criminal Investigation of Honda EWR Failure – 10/15/14

CAS Letter to NHTSA re: Honda Airbag Inflator Recalls – 12/5/11

“It’s Not Hot in Death Valley and It Doesn’t Snow Hard In Buffalo” – NHTSA Sings the Blues for Geographic Recall Victims – 2003

U.S. District Court Decision on Geographic Recalls – 9/30/04

CAS Information Page: Don’t Be a Geographic Recall Victim – 2003


USDOT Calls for National Recall of Defective Takata Driver Side Air Bags – 11/18/14

General Order Directed to Manufacturers – 11/18/14

Second Special Order Directed to Takata – 11/18/14

NHTSA Special Order to Takata – 10/30/14

Information Request to Honda from NHTSA Deputy Administrator David Friedman – 10/29/14

Consumer Advisory: Vehicle Owners with Defective Airbags Urged to Take Immediate Action  – 10/20/14

NHTSA Statement on Takata Airbag Inflators – 6/23/14

PE14-016 Opening Resume – 6/11/14

Takata Letter to NHTSA ODI – 6/11/14

Takata Letter to NHTSA ODI adding Subaru-Fuji and Mitsubishi – 6/25/14

Honda Response to NHTSA IR on 2009 Recall Expansion – 9/16/09

NHTSA Information Request to Honda on 2009 Recall Expansion – 8/19/09

Honda Airbag Recall Query RQ09-004 Documents


Senate Commerce Committee Hearing: Examining Takata Airbag Defects and the Vehicle Recall Process – 11/20/14

Blumenthal, Markey Call On Department Of Justice To Open Criminal Investigation Of Takata – 11/7/14

Blumenthal, Markey Call On NHTSA To Issue Nationwide Safety Recall For All Cars With Potentially-Defective Takata Airbags – 10/23/14

Blumenthal, Markey Letter to DOT Secretary Foxx Urging Nationwide Recall of Vehicles with Defective Takata Airbags – 10/23/14

Markey, Blumenthal: Drivers at Risk from Regional Vehicle Recall System, Non-compliance with Early Warning System – 10/15/14

Markey and Blumenthal Information Request to NHTSA Re: Regional Recalls – 10/15/14

Manufacturer Campaigns Limited to “Absolute Humidity” States

BMW Conducts “Voluntary Limited Regional Parts Collection Campaign” 14V-348 – 6/19/14

Chrysler Conducts Field Action only in FL, HI, PR, and USVI – 6/20/14

Ford Conducts Field Action only in FL, HI, PR, and USVI – 6/19/14

Mazda Conducts Special Service Program in FL, HI, and PR Only – 6/20/14

Mitsubishi Conducts Field Service Action in FL, HI, PR, and USVI – 7/10/14

Nissan Conducts Field Action only in FL, HI, PR, and USVI – 6/19/14

Subaru Conducts “Regional Parts Collection Campaign in FL, HI, PR, USVI Only – 8/1/14

Toyota Conducts Campaign only in FL, HI, PR, and USVI – 6/19/14

Honda Campaign Covers Additional States with High Humidity

Honda Safety Improvement Campaign 14V-351 Part 573 Defect Notice

Honda Safety Improvement Campaign 14V-353 Part 573 Defect Notice

Statement by American Honda Regarding Front Airbag Inflator Market Actions – 6/23/14

Honda Expands Takata Air Bag Inflator Recall to California (NYTimes) – 7/8/14

Honda Foreign Airbag Recalls

09F-075 China


10F-055 Expansion


Toyota Foreign Airbag Recalls


BMW Expands Recall to Cover All States

BMW Safety Recall Part 573 Defect Report


Feds tell Takata to make air bag recall nationwide – 11/18/14

Honda to Replace Airbags Throughout U.S. – 11/18/14

Timeline: Takata air bag recalls – 11/17/14

Air-Bag Settlement Deals Keep Details From Crash Victims – 11/17/14

USA Today Editorial: Air bag recalls deadly slow: Our view – 11/9/14

Takata Saw and Hid Risk in Airbags in 2004, Former Workers Say – 11/6/14

Safety agency is failing the public on air bags – 11/2/14

Air Bag Investigators Home In on Metal Shards Sprayed at Crashes – 10/30/14

Agency Website Meltdown Leaves Air-Bag Motorists in Dark – 10/22/14

NHTSA issues airbag warning on 4.7 million vehicles – 10/20/14

It Looked Like a Stabbing, but Takata Air Bag Was the Killer – 10/20/14

Detectives blame woman’s mysterious death on car’s air bag – 10/17/14

Third traffic death in U.S. linked to Takata airbags – 10/17/14

Honda Probes Parking-Lot Death Amid New Casualty Search – 10/16/14

Honda starts audit of injury, death reports to U.S. regulator – 10/16/14

Air Bag Flaw, Long Known to Honda and Takata, Led to Recalls – 9/11/14

Does Your Car Have One Of These Dangerous, Shrapnel Spitting Airbags? – 8/7/14

Honda pushes dealers for buyers’ signatures on airbag liability – 7/28/14

BMW to recall 1.6 million cars worldwide for air bag concerns – 7/16/14

Subaru to Recall Vehicles With Takata Air Bag Inflators – 7/2/14

Faulty Air Bags From Takata Sold to Subaru and Mitsubishi – 6/30/14

NY Times: Now the Air Bags Are Faulty, Too – 6/23/14

NY Times: Toyota Orders Big Recall Tied to Airbag Part – 6/11/14

Decision to make air bags has marred family legacy – 1/19/14


Toyota Recall 14V-350 Part 573 Defect Notice – 6/19/14

Toyota Recall 14V-312 Part 573 Defect Notice – 6/10/14
Dealer Notice of Suspension of Recall 13V-133 – 6/10/14

Toyota Recall 13V-133 Part 573 Defect Notice – 4/11/13
Toyota Recall 13V-133 Part 573 Amendment – 5/21/13

Takata Recall 13E-017 Part 573 Defect Notice – 4/11/13