The Center for Auto Safety is nationally recognized as a leader in the areas of automobile safety and consumer protection. CAS strives to make vehicle recall information publicly available and easily accessible for consumers.

Center for Auto Safety Asks Uber/Lyft to Stop Using Recalled Cars

Last week, the Center for Auto Safety announced it had reached out to America’s ride-hailing giants to encourage them to stop allowing drivers to use vehicles under active recalls. The group’s release references a Consumer Reports study from this spring that alleged 1 in 6 automobiles commissioned by Uber and Lyft had unresolved …

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Morning Transportation

RECALLED CARS ON THE APPS: The Center for Auto Safety called on ride-hailing companies to stop using recalled cars, following a study released earlier this year that showed 1 in 6 Uber and Lyft vehicles in New York City and Seattle had at least one open safety recall. “Uber and Lyft have the …

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