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Making AV Safety a Priority

Congress will try again in 2021 on self-driving car reform

“The Center for Auto Safety advocacy group said Latta’s bill “contains no regulatory or testing requirements to improve public confidence in the long-term safety of driverless vehicles.”

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Center for Auto Safety Comment: NHTSA Fails the AV Test

“Unfortunately for that public that NHTSA is supposed to serve, this initiative will provide little, if any, relevant safety information,” said Jason Levine, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety. “In the best case scenario this will be a map identifying only those manufacturers who choose to participate. In the worst case it will be a collage of unreliable data masquerading as proof of safety with a veneer of respectability provided by NHTSA’s implicit endorsement.”

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Other statements:

DOT Ignores Lawful Petition On Self-Driving Cars, Instead Chooses to Accept Whatever Table Scraps of Data Industry Chooses to Provide. June 15, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety Response to FCC comment request on Docket No. 19-138. March 5, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety comment on RFC on ADAS Test Procedures. March 5, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety Statement on White House and DOT “AV 4.0” Document. January 8, 2020.

Our Perspective

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The Center in AV News

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