Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

Making AV Safety a Priority

Time to Take the Wheel. 

“With one hand they want to say how amazing self-driving technology is going to be, and how it’s all about safety. And on the other hand how impossible even the fundamental building blocks… are just next to impossible and will bankrupt them,” said Jason Levine, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety.

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The road ahead: What about regulation for self-driving cars?

Segarra: How are tech and car companies testing the safety of their self-driving modes?
Levine: They’re using you and me and everyone in your neighborhood as part of their experiment, quite frankly, they’re just putting them out on the road….That is obviously something that most people aren’t aware of, and no one really signed up for.

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In Tesla Autopilot Investigation, Federal Regulators Ask Other Automakers for Their Data

“Gathering data from multiple manufacturers should allow NHTSA to not only make comprehensive determinations about ADAS performance but also examine how vehicle marketing can contribute to the unsafe behaviors taking place on our roads,” says Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety.

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Are federal AV investigations a first step toward federal regulation? Not necessarily, experts say

Levine with the Center for Auto Safety said a regulatory approach “wouldn’t simply address Tesla’s use of automated advanced driver assist systems. It would address the entire universe of those features for anyone who introduces them into the marketplace, whether that be Waymo or Ford or GM or Tesla.”

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For Vehicle Safety, the Future is Now

“The best time to appropriately assign accountability regarding who will be held responsible if a car with a computer driver kills your loved ones, or a systemwide defect impacts an entire driverless fleet, is before the crash.”

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Congress resurrects push to allow thousands more autonomous vehicles on the road

“Throwing open the door to more unregulated testing and underregulated sales without a strong oversight mandate is no way to bolster diminished public trust in driverless technology.”

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Autonomous Vehicle Industry Faces Inconsistent Guidelines

“The reality is that no federal legislative or regulatory structure has been built around the testing or deployment of self-driving vehicles on public roads,” said Jason Levine, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety.

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Our Perspective

Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project
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Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

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