Autonomous Vehicle Safety Project

Read our latest comment to DOT and NHTSA about testing Advance Driver Assist Systems here.

Making AV Safety a Priority

Center for Auto Safety Comment on Petitions for Driverless Cars :

“The path to the successful introduction of autonomous vehicle technology in the consumer marketplace must be paved with objective, measurable, repeatable safety demonstrations – in simulation, on test tracks, and in controlled environments. The risks of failure on this journey are not only to the people who will be in danger from unproven and unregulated vehicles, but to future generations who may never realize the safety potential for autonomous technology because of a rush to achieve arbitrary Wall Street driven milestones. The time is now for NHTSA to act in the interest of the public instead of the well-connected few.”

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Our Perspective

Americans are right not to trust self-driving cars. The Washington Post. September 18, 2017.

The Center in AV News

GM Cruise's driverless taxi service car was shown at Cobo Center in April 2018. At the time, the fleet was projected to launch in 2019.

GM faces blowback on federal driverless car petition. The Detroit NewsMay 23, 2019. 

AV Developments

Driverless cars could make you a worse driver

Driverless cars could make you a worse driver. Metro NewsJuly 15, 2019. 

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