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DOT Ignores Lawful Petition On Self-Driving Cars, Instead Chooses to Accept Whatever Table Scraps of Data Industry Chooses to Provide

“Which data will be submitted, or not submitted, will ultimately be decided by Boards of Directors, not the federal government. And when a company’s car kills again, whether or not that company chooses to continue sharing information is more likely to be dictated by checking with corporate public relations teams than consulting the Code of Federal Regulations.”

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Center for Auto Safety Calls for Tesla Recall after NTSB Report

“Put simply, a vehicle that enables a driver to not pay attention, or fall asleep, while accelerating into a parked fire truck is defective and dangerous. Any company that encourages such behavior should be held responsible, and any agency that fails to act bears equal responsibility for the next fatal incident.”

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Other statements:

Center for Auto Safety Response to FCC comment request on Docket No. 19-138. March 5, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety comment on RFC on ADAS Test Procedures. March 5, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety Statement on White House and DOT “AV 4.0” Document. January 8, 2020.

Our Perspective

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The Center in AV News

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Robocar Bill Stays Stalled, but DMS Climbs Hill. EE Times. July 4, 2020. 

Michigan, Fiat Chrysler join federal self-driving car initiativeThe Detroit News. June 15, 2020. 


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