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Making AV Safety a Priority

Center for Auto Safety Calls for Tesla Recall after NTSB Report

“Put simply, a vehicle that enables a driver to not pay attention, or fall asleep, while accelerating into a parked fire truck is defective and dangerous. Any company that encourages such behavior should be held responsible, and any agency that fails to act bears equal responsibility for the next fatal incident.”

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Center for Auto Safety Pushes NHTSA to Write New Rules Instead of Revising Existing Standards to Accommodate Driverless Vehicles

“If NHTSA truly believes vehicles that will lack human controls are years, (as opposed to decades) away from commercial viability, now is the time to begin evaluating what new standards will be required to address critical issues posed by these vehicles.”

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Other statements:

Center for Auto Safety Response to FCC comment request on Docket No. 19-138. March 5, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety comment on RFC on ADAS Test Procedures. March 5, 2020.
Center for Auto Safety Statement on White House and DOT “AV 4.0” Document. January 8, 2020.

Our Perspective

EasyMile autonomous shuttles barred from carrying passengers.The Washington Post. February 29, 2020.

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The Center in AV News

Tesla Could Deliver ‘Full Self-Driving’ Within Weeks. Here’s What That Means for Drivers—and Tesla’s Stock. Fortune Magazine. November 20, 2019. 

Uber’s self-driving cars had a major flaw: They weren’t programmed to stop for jaywalkers. The Washington Post. November 6, 2019. 
Industry spends big to sell safety of driverless cars. The Hill. September 25, 2019. 

AV Developments


Self-Driving Uber in Crash Wasn’t Designed to See Jaywalkers
Self-Driving Uber in Crash Wasn’t Designed to See Jaywalkers. Bloomberg. November 6, 2019.
NTSB: Autopilot flaw, driver inattention caused Tesla crash. AP. September 4, 2019.
First injury on Utah’s driverless shuttle during unexpected stop. 2KUTV. July 18, 2019.


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