Volkswagen Emissions Defeat Devices Violate EPA Emissions Rules


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September 21, 2015

VW is a recidivist emission control violator using defeat devices to turn off emission controls used only in emission testing.  Under former Administrator Bill Ruckelshaus, EPA warned VW in 1972 about defeat devices and then sued it in 1973 when VW failed to heed the warning. VW paid a $120,000 fine and promised to comply with the Clean Air Act in the future.  So much for promises to obey the law.  The only way to change auto company behavior is to put the responsible executives in jail.  After a flagrant pattern across the auto industry of violating US health and safety laws, the Center for Auto Safety calls on the Justice Department to move to put the responsible VW executives behind bars as it just did with peanut butter manufacturers.

Statement of Clarence Ditlow
Executive Director, Center for  Auto Safety

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