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Limit Unsafe Police Cruisers

Poughkeepsie Journal

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Across the country, police officers are still dying in Ford Crown Victorias. The New York State Police and local departments ought to avoid using these cars for non-emergency stops on high-speed highways. That’s the suggestion of the state troopers’ Police Benevolent Association, and it’s a reasonable one. It ought to be adopted by the state police, as well as municipal and county police.

Judge Allows Class Action Lawsuit over Fuel Tanks in Ford Police Cars


A ruling Wednesday by a St. Clair County judge clears the way for a class action trial on behalf of all Illinois law enforcement agencies that bought Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor cars back to the 1992 model.

Some police officers say the cars' gasoline tanks tend to rupture in crashes. Ford denies the accusation.

The suit was filed in August in circuit court in Belleville by lawyers for the cities of Centreville and Cairo, Ill. The lead plaintiffs now are Centreville and St. Clair County.

Crown Vic Faces Further Scrutiny

Attorneys general task force to probe Ford police interceptors over fire-related deaths


WASHINGTON — The nation’s attorneys general formed a task force Friday to investigate the safety of Ford’s Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. The bipartisan National Association of Attorneys General took the step at the group’s national meeting in Oklahoma City.

Safety of Officers Comes First

Sheriff declines to keep buying Ford model because of concerns

Lake City Reporter

Despite safety issues surrounding the Ford's Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, the car remains popular to law enforcement agencies – except the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Frank Owens won't buy one of the nation's most popular police cars until a safety issue, the car's probability of catching fire after wrecks, is resolved.

“I am concerned with the Columbia Sheriff''s Office,” Owens said.

Safety of Squad Cars City Plans to Buy Questioned

 Chicago Sun-Times

May 30, 2003


The head of Chicago's police union urged the city Thursday to reconsider its decision to buy a fleet of Crown Victoria police cars after a Missouri state trooper's fiery death in one of the cars renewed safety concerns.

Ford Cruiser Probe Sought

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Senator calls for new investigation into Crown Vic after death

WASHINGTON — The recent death of a Missouri state trooper has prompted a New York senator to call on the federal government to reopen its investigation into Ford Motor Co.'s Crown Victoria, the most popular police car model.


Schumer Urges Federal Investigation Into Mechanically Flawed Police Cars That Have Killed 15 Officers

Two police officers in the U.S. endured accidents in the last ten days when their Crown Victoria police cars were rear-ended and then exploded; Yonkers officer died in similar accident last December

Schumer urges National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to investigate why the cars are susceptible to fiery accidents, and how to better remedy the problem; Previous attempts to retro-fit the cars have had little impact

With two accidents involving Ford Crown Victoria police cars occurring over the last ten days, US Senator Charles E.

Explosion Prompts Concern About Police Cars

Crown Victorias Under Scrutiny

May 18, 2003

New concerns are emerging from a car accident involving a Dallas police officer.

A police cruiser burst into flames Saturday morning after being rear-ended on the westbound lanes of I-30 near the Hampton exit. NBC 5 News' Allison Smith reported on the concerns surrounding Ford Crown Victorias, which Dallas police officers drive.

Burned cop brings message on patrol car safety

Albany– Phoenix officer who was disfigured by fire to speak before state Senate committee

By CAROL DeMARE, Staff writer
First published: Tuesday, March 11, 2003

A Phoenix police officer who was severely burned when his Ford Crown Victoria cruiser burst into flames will tell a state Senate committee today what can happen if the automaker isn't pressured into making patrol vehicles safer.