Statement by B J Kincade, President, Victim’s Committee for Recall of Defective Vehicles Foundation, Inc.

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Victim’s Committee for
Recall of Defective Vehicles Foundation, Inc.

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I appreciate the opportunity to represent the Victim’s
Committee for Recall of Defective Vehicles Foundation, Inc. today.

This may be the happiest and most productive trip to Washington out
of the many I have made since my son, Jimmy Hamby, was killed on April
10, 1989. He was driving a 1984 Chevrolet C/K pickup with the infamous
“Side Saddle” gas tanks. He was hit broad-side by another
vehicle and his truck exploded on impact. Jimmy was then 29 years old.
His daughter, Morgan, was 4 months old.

General Motors knew that people would be killed and maimed by this product.
Their own engineers told them so, but they placed the gas tanks on these
vehicles outside the frame anyway just to be able to carry more gas
than Ford or Dodge. In effect, they built the tombstones, they just
didn’t know what names would go on them.

Rather than admit this egregious error, they have lied, cheated and
stolen. They have lied to the American Public about the safety of this
truck, they have cheated their way through the courts, (Just some of
the judges opinions on settled cases) and they have stolen our loved
ones lives from us.

I’m from Oklahoma. We have just recognized the passing anniversary of
the Murrah Building bombing. Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people by his
actions. It was an unspeakable horror that defies comparison. Horrible
as it was, however, that crime pales when you consider 1600 people that
GM has killed with these awful trucks. This is a crime as well, if not
murder. How do we punish General Motors? Our government agencies settled
with them for $51million dollars in fire safety research and car seats
for poor children? Items that will show up on their balance sheet as
tax deductible.

I have personally met victims and/or the families of over 50 victims
now. The Victim’s Committee Foundation has recently received a $10,000
grant from the Civil Justice Foundation to locate others and build our
We intend to put faces on these victims. They
are more than just numbers and they deserve to be recognized!

I would like to issue a challenge today. General Motors could prove
itself to be a good corporate citizen if they would instruct their dealers
to install these new gas tanks free of charge to every owner of a 197-87
Chevrolet or GMC Truck. The choice is up to them. They can do it – or
see more people die.

I have brought a young woman with me today, Linda Wade, to illustrate
for you that these accidents are still happening and that they are still
horrible for the victims to experience. Linda was hit broad-side by
a GM truck which shows you that you don’t have to drive one to be injured
by them.