Statement of CAS Executive Director Clarence Ditlow at NHTSA Public Hearing on Chrysler Recalls


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Hearing Transcript

CAS Statement on NHTSA $105 Million Fine of Fiat Chrysler for Violations of Federal Recall Laws – 7/27/15

Complaints to CAS on Chrysler Recall Problems

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CAS Comment to Chrysler Public Hearing Docket


Fiat Chrysler Press Release: FCA Clarifies Scope of Remedies in NHTSA Consent Order – 7/27/15

U.S. DOT announces Fiat Chrysler enforcement action – 7/26/15

Fiat Chrysler Accused of Neglect in 23 Recalls – 7/2/15

NHTSA sees FCA penalties over recall, safety shortcomings – 7/2/15

Fiat Chrysler waits to learn its fate after hearing before safety regulators – 7/4/15