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Our podcast discusses auto safety issues and technological developments, in hopes of providing consumers and enthusiasts with a better understanding of modern vehicles, safety systems, and current issues in the industry.

How do I drive this rental car? Plus FSD fail and how hybrid’s work.

This week Anthony deals with rental cars, the Washington Post investigates Tesla, Fred explains hybrids, Michael provides more detail about Ford airbag non fixes and more.   This weeks links:

Part 2 with Philip Koopman and William H. Widen

Our guests stuck around for another episode. In this one Phil explains why “driving modes” make much more sense than SAE Levels and I have to agree. Levels are meaningless since every OEM seems to make them mean whatever they want. William explains more about liability and how the laws are not keeping up because…

Part 1 with Philip Koopman and William H. Widen

This is the first of a two-part episode with Philip Koopman, Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University and William H. Widen, Professor at University of Miami School of Law. The the two have been providing testimony to state legislatures about the safety of autonomous vehicles and authoring a bunch of articles. In this episode they…

Self Driving Cars Explained

In this episode guests Dr. Jeff Wishart and Phil Koopman explain the history of autonomous vehicles, why safety is really really hard, that human drivers are not bad and that it is pure speculation if a self driving car will ever be safer than a human.

Do neural networks get distracted?

No idea and we don’t directly address that question. Instead we discuss how you’ll never know what goes on inside the “mind” of the AI. Plus GM Cruise releases a report that says they failed because they think they are better than regulations and regulators, distracted driving is on the rise. elderly drivers consider signing…

Speed thrills and speed kills

Over a quarter or all motor vehicle deaths are due to excessive speed. Why are we in such a rush and where are we going? No idea. This week we dig into Intelligent Speed Assist and ponder the question if it’s the consumer preventing solutions or the auto makers? If regulators got involved then we…

A smorgasbord of safety

You try to come up with clever titles each week. Sometime they work and sometime they are a, “smorgasbord of safety”. We discuss some extra CES goodies, thermal cameras, AEB, driving simulators for teens and rats. Fred discusses a recent Microsoft paper(pr?) on using AI to find better battery chemistry. This weeks links:…

The Auto Safety take on CES

The Consumer Electronics Show delights us with the absurd, the dangerous and the potentially good. IIHS shows damage from crash tests at higher speeds and school buses might go the EV route. Plus Fred explains simulations. This weeks links:

The decline of Tesla? And Happy New Year

Hey Listeners, This week we join the fray and pile on Tesla. The Washington Post, Consumer Reports and even Tech Crunch point out how Tesla’s autopilot and full self driving is pricey garbage. Plus Fred does a deep dive into his New Years Resolution for the automotive industry. This weeks links:…