Cell Phones and Distracted Driving

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CAS Actions and Litigation

CAS Comment Re: NHTSA Driver Distraction Guidelines – 5/18/12

CAS Testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee – 11/4/09

CAS Board Member Nicholas Ashford ON NPR’s Talk of the Nation – 1/11/10

CAS v. NHTSA Cell Phone Study Settlement – 3/17/2009

CAS Files FOIA Lawsuit over NHTSA Cell Phone Study – 12/1/2008

NHTSA Response to CAS FOIA Appeal – 9/12/2008

CAS FOIA Appeal – 5/29/2008

NHTSA Response to CAS FOIA – 4/29/2008

CAS Files Freedom of Information Act Request with NHTSA Re: Cell Phone Study – 3/27/2008

CAS Files Freedom of Information Act Request with DOT Re: Cell Phone Study – 3/27/2008

CAS Petition Information

Click here to view the CAS petition to NHTSA  – 1/21/2007

NHTSA Denial of CAS Cell Phone Petition – 6/3/2008

Article: Safety Group Seeks to Curb In-Car Tech Chatter – 1/23/2007

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News and Other Information

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