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Safety Firebrand Refuses to Relent

Fired employee battles Chrysler in courtroom


DETROIT -- Paul Sheridan sifted through the pile of police reports, depositions and legal briefs, and stopped at the autopsy photographs of Nancy Lou Whitt.

He had seen dozens of autopsies in more than 100 product-liability lawsuits. But the Whitt case shocked him.

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Dealers Caught in Warranty War

Insurer's problems force tough choices

By Donna Harris

Automotive News / June 30, 2003

Five thousand dealers who sold service contracts under the financially troubled Smart Choice program may have to choose between two evils - pay off hefty repair claims themselves, or tell angry customers to slug it out with insurers.

Either way, some dealers could lose.

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Is Your Car As Good As You Think It Is?

Jonathan Fahey

The BMW X5, the sleek $50,000 sport utility, and the Ford Focus, the humble-but-nimble $15,000 compact, have more in common than one might think: Not only are they universally loved by drivers, but they are also two of the most-recalled models in automotive history.

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Ford TFI Module National Class Settlement

On December 9, 2002, after five years of litigation, a settlement was reached in a national class action in California, Howard v. Ford Motor Co., that reimbursed owners for ignition module failures that occurred within the first 100,000 miles, and extended the warranty to 100,000 miles for any vehicle still under this mileage.

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Fords Trouble Prone Focus Hit With Safety Recalls, Service Campaigns & Investigations

With 12 safety recalls to date and 7 defect investigations, the Ford Focus proved to be an embarrassment to Ford Motor Company and its President William Clay Ford, who was trying to stress quality in the wake of the Ford Explorer/Firestone ATX, Wilderness AT tire debacle. Not since General Motors introduced its ill-fated X-car in 1980 (Buick Skylark, Chevrolet Citation, Oldsmobile Omega and Pontiac Phoenix) which had 13 recalls in its first two years has a manufacturer had so many recalls.

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