Honda Airbags

Honda Airbag Recall Query RQ09-004 Documents

Closing Resume (.PDF) INCLA-RQ09004-5021.pdf CLOSING RESUME APPROVED   INIM-RQ09004-37562.pdf IR TO MFR *11/20/09*P   INIM-RQ09004-37643.pdf IR TO MFR   INME-RQ09004-40220P.pdf MEMO 5/19/2010 FROM KEN WEINSTEIN WITH MAYER BROWN TO ODI   INOA-RQ09004-37421.pdf OPENING RESUME   INRD-RQ09004-39046.pdf MFR IR RESPONSE DATA   INRE-RQ09004-39040.pdf MFR RESPONSE EXTENSION   INRL-RQ09004-37641.pdf MFR IR RESPONSE …

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Honda: Girl’s Death Prompted Recall

Ashley Parham, 18, Killed In Crash At School 2/11/10 OKLAHOMA CITY — An automaker has confirmed to Eyewitness News 5 that the death of a local girl is the reason for the company’s latest recall.Ashley Parham, 18, was killed in May 2009 in what looked like a minor wreck in …

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