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Warning: That Used Car You’re Looking At Might Be Under Recall. CBS Miami. September 29, 2017.

Ford under pressure to recall over 1.3 million cars. ABC News. October 17, 2017.

Group calls for recall of more than 1.3 million Ford Explorers. CBS News. October 17, 2017.

Over 60 Million Vehicles On U.S. Roads Are Under Recall And In Need Of Repairs. CBS Miami. April 10, 2018.

Autonomous Vehicles

A Tesla car crash near Salt Lake City, Utah, is under investigation. ABC News. May 13, 2018.

Consumer Groups Call For Investigation Into Tesla’s ‘Autopilot.’  ABC 7. May 30, 2018.

CA DMV Urged To Investigate Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’ Feature. KCBS TV-2. May 30, 2018.

Tesla Crash Shows Again ‘Autopilot’ Not What It Says It Is. FOX TV-5. May 30, 2018.

Consumer Watchdog Sounds Alarm On Tesla’s ‘Autopilot.’ KTLA TV-5. May 30, 2018.

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