Vehicles with Gen3 Belts

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Vehicles with Gen3 Belts

Plymouth Acclaim 1994-1995
Dodge Spirit 1994-1995
Dodge B-150 Van, 1996
Dodge Cargo Van, 1999-2000
Dodge Conversion Van 1998-2000
Dodge Ram 150 Van, 1995-1998
Dodge Ram 1500 Van, 1996-2001
Dodge Ram 1500 Conversion Truck, 1998-2000
Dodge Ram 1500 Wagon, 1995-1996
Dodge Ram 250 Van, 1995
Dodge Ram 2500 Van, 1995-2000
Dodge Ram 2500 Wagon, 1998-2000
Dodge Ram 2500 Truck, 1996-1997
Dodge Ram 350 X-Wagon, 1996-1997
Dodge Ram 3500 Van, 1995-2001
Dodge Ram 3500 Conversion Truck, 1998-1999
Dodge Ram 3500 Wagon, 1997-2000
Dodge Ram 3500 X-Van, 1995-1997
Dodge Ram 3500 X-Wagon, 1995-1997
Dodge Ram 3500 Maxivan, 1996
Dodge Ram Van, 2002
Chrysler Lebaron GTC, 1994-date of discontinuation
Dodge Shadow, 1994
Plymouth Sundance, 1994
Dodge Caravan, 1994-2002
Dodge Grand Voyager, 1994-2001
Dodge Grand Caravan, 1996-2001
Chrysler Voyager, 2002
Chrysler Town & Country Van, 1994-2002
Plymouth Voyager Minivan, 1994-2001
Chrysler 300M, 1999-2002
Chrysler Concorde, 1994-2002
Intrepid, 1993-2002
Chrysler LHS, 1993-2001
Chrysler New Yorker, 1994-date of discontinuation
Eagle Vision, 1993-1997
Dodge Viper, 1995-1997, 2002
Jeep Wrangler, 1997-2002
Jeep Wrangler Sport, 2000
Jeep Cherokee, 1996-2001
Jeep Wagoneer, 1996-date of discontinuation
Jeep Grand Cherokee, 1996-2002
Chrysler also noted in the document:

"In addition, some of the 1993 model year vehicles of Dodge Caravan,
Dodge Grand Voyager, Chrysler Town & Country Van, and Plymouth Voyager
Minivan used the Gen-3 Buckle, but DaimlerChrysler cannot determine which
of these 1993 vehicles use the Gen-3 Buckle without a visual inspection.

… While we believe that the list of vehicles is accurate, we reserve
the right to correct any errors or otherwise amend the list if further
investigation shows an error or omission."


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