Critics Blast Tire Pressure Warning Systems

September 23, 2006

Ralph Vartabedian / Los Angeles Times

Nothing but compressed air, certainly not the rubber tread on the tires, keeps your vehicle suspended over the road.

So, the amount of air in tires is vitally important, a fact relentlessly driven home by safety experts but ignored by many motorists.

Run-Flat Tires: Solving a Problem or Creating One?

Christopher Jensen
New York Times
March 11, 2007

RUN-FLAT tires, which have been offered on some new cars for the last few years, are a soothing security blanket. They can be driven for miles after losing their air, allowing drivers to delay fixing a flat until there is a safe place to stop and avoiding a harrowing tire change along a busy highway.

But consumers have begun to report problems with the tires.


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