Statement of the Center for Auto Safety on Reintroduction of the SELF DRIVE Act

September 23, 2020
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jason Levine, [email protected]

Statement of the Center for Auto Safety on Reintroduction of the SELF DRIVE Act

The cynical reintroduction of the SELF DRIVE Act shows that Congress continues to be on autopilot when it comes to autonomous vehicle technology. Not even partial credit should be given to House members who have responded to the killing of Elaine Herzberg in 2018 by an Uber test vehicle, by reintroducing a bill which previously failed to pass Congress because it did nothing to protect consumers. As a reminder, this bill contains no regulatory or testing requirements to improve public confidence in the long-term safety of driverless vehicles.

Instead, the SELF DRIVE Act protects auto manufacturers and technology companies from legal responsibility when their unregulated products put consumers at risk. Adding bad optics to bad ideas, at the exact moment when cities across America are seeing unacceptable increases in pedestrian death rates from cars, the SELF DRIVE Act prohibits cities from protecting their residents despite no federal safety requirements to fill in the void.

It is this sort of waste of time, as opposed to providing real solutions for the scourge of vehicle safety deaths and injuries on our roads every day, that has led to a public loss of confidence that Congress is interested or capable of improving the safety of all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.


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