State Recall Laws

Wisconsin Code § 218.0172 (the Secret Warranty Law)

Wisconsin – Motor vehicle adjustment programs. – 218.0172

Virginia Code §§ 59.1-207.34 thru 59.1-207-.39 (the Secret Warranty Law)

Virginia – Motor Vehicle Manufacturers’ Warranty Adjustment Act – (59.1-207.34 thru 59.1-207.39)

§ 59.1-207.34. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context requires a different meaning:

California Civil Code (the Secret Warranty Law)

California Civil Code Section 1795.90-1795.93

1795.90. For purposes of this chapter:
(a) "Consumer" means the purchaser, other than for purposes of resale, of a motor vehicle, a lessee of a motor vehicle, any person to whom the motor vehicle is transferred during the duration of an express warranty applicable to that motor vehicle, and any person entitled by the terms of the warranty to enforce the obligations of the warranty.