Don’t Be A Geographic Recall Victim

Geographic Recalls

Good News For Ford Owners And Hope Federal Regulators May Finally Help Victims Of Geographic Recalls – 9/12/16

Markey, Blumenthal: Drivers at Risk from Regional Vehicle Recall System, Non-compliance with Early Warning System – 10/15/14

General Motors’ Fuel Pump Recall Reveals Patchwork Approach to Auto Safety – 9/14/14

 Honda Recalling 76,000 Acura TSX Models for Stalling Problem – 3/22/13

 District Court Decision on Geographic Recalls – 9/30/04

Consumer Groups Challenge Regional Motor Vehicle Recalls – 3/10/04
New York Times Article – 3/11/04
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List of Geographic Recalls by Manufacturer

Is a Recall by Any Other Name Still a Recall?

NHTSA Sings the Blues

Letter to NHTSA Administrator Dr. Jeffrey Runge – 5/15/02
Response from NHTSA Associate Administrator for Enforcement Ken Weinstein – 11/1/02

Letter to Attorney General of California Bill Lockyer | Response

Letter to Administrator Runge on Redaction – 6/6/02

NHTSA Reverses Redaction Policy – 6/30/02

Letter to Dr. Runge: The Temporal Recall Problem – 6/21/02

NHTSA List of Geographic Recalls, 1994 to Present
-Page has been removed from NHTSA website, cached version available here.

NHTSA Letters to Manufacturers re: Geographic Recalls – 2007

NHTSA Private Advisory to Auto Makers, (.PDF)

Geographic Recalls in the News