Rollover and Roof Crush

When vehicle roofs are too weak, it poses a major safety risk in the event of a vehicle rollover. Read some of the most important news here: 

General News

Congress May Act On Roof Standard. The Detroit Free Press. June 5, 2008. 

Gov’t Considers New Vehicle Roof Safety Standards. CBS News. November 8, 2005.

NHTSA Roof Rule Comes Under Attack. Automotive News. September 5, 2005. 

Manufacturer News

Toyota Accused Of Hiding Evidence. CBS News. August 29, 2009. 

Despite Defect, GM Keeps Selling SUV. The New York Times. November 23, 2004. 

Ford Pushes To Seal Memos On Vehicle Roof Strength. The Detroit News. May 17, 2005.