Political Habitat: After the Ball

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By Peter Dykstra

Mother Nature Network

Jan. 21, 2009


“There’s a lot of hope, but not certainty. Obama gets it. He’s the real thing. He has named some of the best people around, for energy, EPA, climate czar, CEQ (Council on Environmental Quality). He’s named some spectacular people who care about the issues, know what to do, and want to do it. Their success depends on how hard the president wants to push it. On global warming, leaving it to the staff won’t cut it. It also depends on how devastating the economy is going to be. A lot of these people understand that a key way to get the economy going again is to create jobs and develop clean energy. I have a lot of enthusiasm right now. The potential is enormous, but it’s going to be tough.”
— Dan Becker, longtime Sierra Club lobbyist on global warming, now Director of the Safe Climate Campaign.