Owners of some Honda HR-V vehicles report “randomly” shattering rear windshields

Shattered Windows KDKA CBS Pittsburgh 12.11.2023

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“We’re at the point now, where we’re seeing so many complaints that I just don’t think the rates can be ignored anymore,” said Michael Brooks, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety.

By Meghan Schiller
December 11, 2023

A North Hills woman said she can still hear the loud shatter and remember the feeling of total disbelief. She sat in her own driveway as the rear windshield of her car broke out of nowhere.

KDKA Investigates learned she’s one of hundreds of people nationwide dealing with this bizarre problem. Everyone agrees there’s something wrong, but no one seems to agree on who should fix it.

Terri Truchan just got her car back from the shop but she still can’t believe what happened last month.

“I had started it to warm it up and get rid of all the ice on the windows and when I went out it was dripping and so I put the defroster on and boom,” said Truchan, owner of a 2023 Honda HR-V.

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