Obama May Propose Auto-Fuel Standard Topping 60 MPG, Groups Say

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September 30, 2010

By John Hughes

…The U.S. may announce as soon as tomorrow a goal to raise fuel economy 3 percent to 6 percent a year starting in 2017, according to Dan Becker of the Safe Climate Campaign and Roland Hwang of the Natural Resources Defense Council. A 3 percent boost would result in a fuel-economy standard of 47 mpg by 2025 and 6 percent would push the level to 62 mpg, they said today in interviews. Becker said his comments are based on knowledge of deliberations within the government.

“It should be 6 percent because that is consistent with the best technology,” Becker, director of the Washington-based Safe Climate and former head of the Sierra Club’s global warming program, said in an interview. “It’s auto mechanics. It can be done and has to be done.”…

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