NHTSA Grants Center for Auto Safety Hyundai/Kia Petition; Government Will Investigate Thousands of Non-Crash Fires

April 1, 2019
Contact: Michael Brooks, (202) 328-7700, mbrooks@autosafety.org

Statement from Jason Levine, Executive Director, Center for Auto Safety on NHTSA granting the Center’s 2018 petition to investigate Kia and Hyundai vehicle fires: 

“It is long past time for the full power of the federal government to be brought to bear to answer why so many thousands of Kia and Hyundai vehicles have been involved in non-crash fires. While it may be six months post-due, we are gratified to see NHTSA’s Office of Defect Investigations open formal investigations based on our petition.

Hopefully, this step will quickly lead to a recall being issued as soon as possible. The reality is that extended investigations do not protect Kia and Hyundai owners – that requires recalls which result in effective repairs.

Our petition last June started with 120 fires and a handful of injuries. NHTSA’s opening memo today shows over 3,000 non-crash fires and over 100 injuries demonstrating  just how widespread this problem has become. The evidence is now clear – Hyundai and Kia should have acted to recall these vehicles far earlier. We challenge Kia and Hyundai to use this moment to figure out what’s  causing these fires instead of pretending these engine issues can be addressed with knock sensors and forcing cars into limp home mode. If they won’t – NHTSA must.”


PE19-003 Opening Memo (Hyundai)
PE19-004 Opening Memo (Kia)
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