New York Times Articles on Jeep Fires


Chrysler Details Its Plans to Improve Recall Efforts – 11/22/14

Safety Agency Admonishes Chrysler for Handling of Jeep Recall – 11/21/14

Chrysler Accelerates Its Repairs of Jeeps – 7/17/14

Jeep Struggles to Repair Vehicles 14 Months After Recall – 1/24/14

Chrysler to Recall Fire-Prone Jeeps to Add Trailer Hitches – 1/10/14

Jeep Delays Fuel Tank Recall – 10/31/13

Safety Group Calls for Crash Tests in Jeep Recall – 7/1/13

Consumer Group Calls Chrysler’s Jeep Fix Inadequate – 6/20/13

Dispute Ends as Chrysler Agrees to Fix Older Jeeps – 6/18/13

Chrysler Declines U.S. Request to Recall Jeeps – 6/4/13

Consumer Advocacy Group Calls for a Recall of 5 Million Jeep Grand Cherokees – 5/23/13

Investigation of Jeep Grand Cherokee Portends a Recall, Safety Advocate Says – 6/15/12

Government Expands Investigation Into Fire Risk of Jeep Grand Cherokee – 6/14/12

After Fire, N.H.T.S.A. to Inspect Jeep Grand Cherokee Involved in Deadly Crash – 12/15/11

Crash Tests Suggest Jeep Fire Risk, Safety Group Says – 6/15/11

Grand Cherokee Is Investigated for Gas Tank Danger – 8/24/10

Asserting Risk of Jeep Fires, Safety Group Urges Recall -10/3/09