New York Times Articles – General Motors Ignition Switch Recall

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New York Times articles on GM Ignition Switch MDL Plaintiff’s Attorneys Disputes 

Senate Committee’s No Vote Incenses Lawmakers Seeking Auto Safety Reforms – 7/19/15

Laws Hinder Prosecutors in Charging G.M. Employees in Ignition Defect – 7/19/15

G.M. Inquiry Said to Find Criminal Wrongdoing – 5/22/15

G.M.’s Ignition Switch Death Toll Hits 100 – 5/11/15

G.M. Will Face Further Discovery in Broader Class-Action Case – 3/16/15

11 Years Later, Woman’s Death Is Tied to G.M. Ignition Defect – 11/10/14

G.M. Ordered Replacement Ignition Switches Months Before Recall – 11/10/14

Recalled G.M. Cars Remain Unrepaired – 11/3/14

After a G.M. Recall, a Fiery Crash and a Payout – 9/26/14

General Motors Resists Expanding Victims’ Fund – 7/18/14

At Hearing on G.M. Recall, Mary Barra Gives Little Ground – 7/17/14

California Prosecutor Sues G.M. Over Sprawling Recall – 7/1/14

Parts Supplier Delphi Is Scrutinized in G.M. Recall – 6/26/14

Car Owners Criticize Pace of G.M. Recall Repairs – 6/17/14

A Lethal Culture of Secrecy at G.M. – 6/10/14

G.M. Inquiry Cites Years of Neglect Over Fatal Defect – 6/5/14

13 Deaths, Untold Heartache, From G.M. Defect – 5/26/14

G.M. Recalls Another 2.7 Million Vehicles – 5/16/14

Debate Over Risk of Driving G.M.’s Recalled Cars – 5/9/14

G.M. Seeks to Fend Off Lawsuits Over Switch – 4/22/14

Move to Ban Recalled G.M. Cars From Roads Is Denied – 4/17/14

G.M. Chief Cites New Safety Moves and Says Repairs Are Now Underway – 4/15/14

G.M. Documents Reveal Years of Talks on Defect – 4/11/14

VIDEO: Where Does the G.M. Recall Rank? – 4/9/14

U.S. Fines General Motors $28,000 for Not Cooperating With Ignition Flaw Inquiry – 4/8/14

G.M.’s Cobalt Crisis – 4/7/14

The Wallet as Ethics Enforcer – 4/5/14

Minding the Minders of G.M. – 4/5/14

G.M. Secrecy on Crashes Adds to Families’ Pain – 4/2/14

Before a Hearing on G.M. Defects, Document Points to an Inconsistency – 4/1/14

Carmakers’ Close Ties to Regulator Scrutinized – 3/31/14

G.M. Sent Letter but Didn’t Issue Recall for Faulty Air Bags – 3/27/14

GM misled grieving families on lethal car flaw – 3/24/14

Editorial: Willfully Endangering Drivers – 3/23/14

G.M. Uses Social Media to Manage Customers and Its Reputation – 3/23/14

G.M. Chief Steps Up to Handle Safety Questions – 3/18/14

Something Went ‘Very Wrong’ at G.M., Chief Says – 3/17/14

G.M. Saw Cobalt as Its Entry Into a Better Small-Car Market – 3/17/14

Editorial: A Defective Auto Safety System – 3/14/14

303 Deaths Seen in G.M. Cars With Failed Air Bags – 3/13/14

Lawyers Prepare for G.M. Suits With Novel Strategies – 3/12/14

Justice Dept. Is Said to Look at G.M. Actions on Safety Flaws – 3/11/14

Auto Regulators Dismissed Defect Tied to 13 Deaths – 3/8/14

Recall at G.M. Is Early Trial for New Chief – 3/7/14

G.M.’s Barra Promises to Investigate How Recall Was Handled – 3/4/14

In General Motors Recalls, Inaction and Trail of Fatal Crashes – 3/2/14

G.M. Announces Repairs in Recall of 1.4 Million Cars – 2/27/14

Feds investigating GM’s handling of ignition switch recall – 2/26/14

Citing Long-Delayed G.M. Recall, Senator Calls for Change in Safety Agency’s Process – 2/26/14

G.M. Report Shows Recall Investigation Took 10 Years – 2/25/14

G.M. to Expand Small-Car Recall to 1.4 Million Vehicles – 2/25/14

G.M. Recalls Some Cars, but Not All, With Ignition Switch Problem – 2/20/14

7 Years Before Recall, Crash Investigator Raised Concern Over Switched-Off G.M. Air Bags – 2/21/14

General Motors Recalls 778,000 Small Cars for Ignition Switch Problem