NASDPTS Alters Its Support of Three-Point Lap/Shoulder Seat Belts on School Buses – 10/24/13

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by Sylvia Arroyo

NASDPTS changed its formal stance on the installation and use of three-point lap/shoulder seat belts on school buses from supporting them only if funding is available to fully championing them, regardless if districts have money or not, in a forthcoming position paper.

Max Christensen, president of NASDPTS and executive officer of school transportation for the Iowa Department of Education, made the formal statement on the third day of the association’s conference held in Grand Rapids, Mich. He stressed the group is neither recommending the installation and use, nor asking that lap-shoulder belts be required on school buses.

“We believe this should be a local decision based on local need,” he said. “We are simply taking a leadership role supporting the installation and use of lap-shoulder seat belts in school buses.”

He added that NASDPTS’ position paper on this topic would soon reflect its new position.

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