Lawmakers, unions: Bill aims to protect feds from dangerous vehicles

“If you’re allowing federal employees to drive around in recalled vehicles, you’re not just putting the driver in danger, you’re putting everyone on the road who shares the road with those cars in danger,” Said Jason Levine.

By FEND Staff
April 5, 2021

Does your federal job involve using a government vehicle? If so, to ensure you’re safe behind the wheel, you might need to do more than just fasten your seat belt.

A recent General Services Administration probe, as reported by the agency and various news outlets, reveals chances are better than one in ten that your federal work vehicle has at least one outstanding recall item—in many cases, involving something safety-related—that has never been rectified. Hence, you and a good number of your federal colleagues, oblivious to the potential danger, might be tooling around on duty in hazardous wheels.

Thus, for now you might want to take the initiative to check up on whether that government vehicle has been recalled—by contacting the manufacturer, a dealer or checking online—and, if it has been recalled, following up to verify whether your agency acted to follow up on any such recall.

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