‘It’s immoral’: Pup survives shooting, two years later suffers third degree burns from lying on RV floor

RV Dog Story

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“The people responsible for the vehicle were put on notice that that’s what’s happening, and yet, they’re just putting it back in the stream of commerce? It’s immoral, really.”

“The fact that there is currently not a recall on something where you’re having a problem does not indicate that this is anomalous, this is a freak incident. In fact most of the time, the things we deal with at the Center for Auto Safety, people think are freak accidents, and they turn out unfortunately to be predicable and preventable problems.”

By Andy Pierrotti, Lindsey Basye
September 2, 2021

ATLANTA — Dixie isn’t a cat, but her foster parents believe she has nine lives. Well, seven left after this summer.

“She’s a wonderful, spirited happy pup who is enjoying life in every way,” Paula Rothman said. She rescued the pit mix pup in 2019.

Rothman nursed Dixie back to health after someone shot the dog twice about two years ago. Dixie is now partially paralyzed, but still has a lot of spunk.

This past June, Rothman rented a 2018 Ford RV from Cruise America to drive Dixie across country and drop her off at a sanctuary in Washington state that specifically cares for disabled dogs.

According to Rothman, Dixie laid down on the floor in between the driver and passenger seats. Just hours into the trip, something went wrong. When Rothman went to pick up magazines next to Dixie, she could feel the RV’s floor hot to the touch. Too hot.

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