‘I’m paying for a deathtrap!’ Used cars sold in Tampa Bay with unrepaired safety recalls

“These aren’t cosmetic issues,” Levine said. “These aren’t for rusting paint or where you don’t like the way the car looks. These are safety issues…The manufacturers that make vehicles that require recalls, that have these defects or violate federal law, they’re on the hook,” Levine said. “They’re the ones who need to be getting those parts out to the licensed dealers.”

PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Kraig Price thought he was buying his dream car, a Mercedes. Now, he fears driving it.
“Every time I make a payment, I think, ‘I’m paying for a deathtrap,’” Price said.
That’s because his car is among those with recalled airbags. The recall was issued after serious injuries and even deaths were reported. Price wasn’t warned before he drove off the used car lot.
Kraig bought his car at an out-of-state dealership and said the salesperson never mentioned the airbag issue. Now that he knows, he can’t get it fixed because the manufacturer doesn’t have enough parts.
“They say it will be Oct. 2020 before they’ll have the parts,” Price said. “I would have bought another car if I knew about this. I am not okay with this safety issue.”
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