Ford Focus Recalls

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Ford Focus Recalls

NHTSA Identification Number: 99V-346
Date of Company Notification: N/A
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000
Number of Vehicles: 31,002
Mfg Campaign No. 99S35 -Cruise control. DOM 7/99-11/99. Speed control
cable end fitting can allow water to enter speed control servo assembly.
Corrosion in servo assembly could develop and cause intermittent speed
control operation or prevent throttle from returning to idle which could
result in unexpected acceleration and crash. Correct by replacing speed
control cable with new cable and inspecting assembly for internal corrosion
and replacing servos with evidence of corrosion. Advise owners not to
use speed control until vehicles are repaired.

NHTSA Identification Number: 00V-218
Date of Company Notification: 8-4-00
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000
Number of Vehicles: 351,000
Mfg Campaign No. 00S20 – Roof pillar/FMVSS 201. DOM: 7/99-7/00. Vehicles
fail to comply with requirements of FMVSS 201. The resultant HIC(d)
value at one target location AP1, located on the trim panel at the juncture
of the A-pillar and roof side rail, may be greater than design intent.
Occupants in this location may not be provided with the needed impact
protection. Correct by installing a new A-pillar trim panel.

NHTSA Identification Number: 00V-302
Date of Company Notification: 10-3-00
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000
Number of vehicles: 28,800
Mfg. Campaign No. 00S30 – Speed Control/Transmission. DOM: 3/99-10/99.
Passenger vehicles equipped with speed control. Some control cables
have a core wire that is long enough to catch on the sleeve at the throttle
body end of the cable during wide-open throttle acceleration. A throttle
that does not return to idle reduces vehicle control and risks a vehicle
crash. Correct by inspecting these vehicles and, if necessary, replacing
the speed control cable.

NHTSA Identification Number: 00V-303
Date of Company Notification: 10-3-00
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000
Number of vehicles: 203,700
Mfg. Campaign No. 00S31 – Wheel hub. DOM: 3/99-5/00. Some rear wheel
hub retaining nuts loosen, allowing the left rear wheel and brake drum
assembly to separate from the vehicle. Correct by inspecting the rear
wheel bearings and installing a rear wheel retention cap to prevent
left rear wheel separation.

NHTSA Identification Number: 00V-411
Date of Company Notification: 11-29-00
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000
Number of vehicles: 74,500
Mfg. Campaign No. 00S50 – Tail lamp. DOM: 3/99-12/99. On certain passenger
vehicles, a decklid wire harness can fatigue and develop broken wires
in the bend area of the wire harness. This results in either a loss
of individual lamp functions, an electrical short in the broken wires
that causes a fuse to open, or the loss of stop lamp or tail lamp function.
Loss of stop lamp or tail lamp function increases the risk of a crash.
Correct by replacing the decklid wire harness.

NHTSA Identification Number: 00V-418
Date of Company Notification: 12-5-00
Make: Ford
Model: Focus Wagon
Model: Focus ZX
Model Year: 2000-2001
Number of vehicles: 95,000
Mfg. Campaign No. 00S55 – Seats. DOM: 3/99-10/00. Vehicles have a folding
60/40 second seat that becomes a load floor in the folded position.
When the 60 percent portion of the seat is folded down and a load is
applied to the front edge of the load floor, the outboard hinge pivot
can disengage from the hinge. If the seat is then returned to the upright
position without re-engaging the hinge pivot, the seat and seat belts
do not provide the intended level of protection in the event of a crash.
Correct by installing revised seat back hinge pivot.

NHTSA Identification Number: 01V-108
Date of Company Notification: 3-28-01
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2001
Number of Vehicles: 8,500
Mfg. Campaign No. 01S13 – Seats. DOM: 3/01. Some seat back recliner
handle springs were damaged during an in-process test and the occupant
may notice a chucking, or looseness of the front seat back. The seat
back unexpectedly reclines. If the seat back unexpectedly reclines while
the car is being driven, it results in loss of vehicle control. Correct
by replacing the seat back recliner handle spring for the driver and
front passenger seats.

NHTSA Identification Number: 01V-258
Date of Company Notification: 8-23-01
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000-01
Number of vehicles: 1,083,000 (includes other Ford models)
Mfg. Campaign No. (N/A) – Wiper Motor. DOM: (N/A). A switch in the plastic
cover of the wiper motor gear case overheats and malfunctions, resulting
in loss of wiper function and ignition of the plastic cover, increasing
the risk of a crash. Correct by replacing wiper motor gear case.

NHTSA Identification Number: 02V-117
Date of Company Notification: N/A
Make: Ford
Model: Focus SVT
Model Year: 2002
Number of Vehicles: 534
Mfg Campaign No. 02S37 -Speed Control. DOM 11/01-4/02. Speed control
cable hangs up at the throttle body bracket during high, wide open throttle
operation, preventing the throttle from returning to the closed position
when the accelerator is released. Correct by replacing the throttle
body and checking for proper operation.

NHTSA Identification Number: 05V-030
Date of Company Notification: 1-31-05
Make: Ford
Model: Focus
Model Year: 2000-02
Number of Vehicles: 358,857
Mfg Campaign No. 05S27 – Door Latch. DOM 4/99-8/02 (Wayne plant), 5/01-9/02 (Hermiosillo plant). Rear door latch corrodes and binds causing door to open or close with difficulty; door may fail to latch properly and open while driving with occupant falling out.  Correct by adding lower rocker seals to door and replacing corroded switches & lubricating non-corroded switches.  Recall limited to cars originally sold or currently registered in CT, DE, IL, IN, IA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, WV, WI & DC.

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