Focus Extended Coverage Program 03N01

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All U.S. Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers


Extended Coverage Program 03N01 – Certain 2000 and 2001 Model Year Focus Vehicles Fuel Delivery Module


This program extends the coverage of the fuel delivery module (FDM) to 10 years from the original warranty start date of the vehicle, with no limit on the number of miles that the vehicle has been driven. This program provides replacement coverage, and is automatically transferred to subsequent owners.


Certain 2000 and 2001 model year Focus vehicles built at the Wayne and Hermosillo Assembly Plants from Job #1,1999 through June 13, 2001. Affected vehicles are identified in OASIS.


Some of the affected vehicles may experience engine hesitation, loss of power, surging, and other similar symptoms as a result of contamination of the fuel pump filters. Because the contamination of the filters is progressive, they may ultimately become sufficiently blocked to cause the engine to stall completely. Although the symptoms noted above can occur under a variety of driving conditions, they are most likely to occur when there is less than one-quarter tank of fuel and/or when the driver is attempting to accelerate while making a right turn maneuver (such as entering a highway through a cloverleaf) or while driving uphill.


If the customer's vehicle exhibits the symptoms described above, dealers should replace the fuel pump unless there is clear evidence that the symptoms are solely caused by some other component. To assist in determining the cause of the symptoms, you should interview the customer. In addition, diagnosis time is provided to road test the vehicle. See Attachment IV for customer interview flow chart.

If it is determined that the symptoms are caused by some other component and the FDM is operating properly, the customer should be notified that the repair is not covered under this program. This program does not cover parts or procedures other than replacement of the fuel delivery module. The fuel delivery module replacement will be performed at no charge to the customer.


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  • Attachment I: Administrative Information
  • Attachment II: Labor Allowances and Parts Ordering Information
  • Attachment III: Technical Information
  • Attachment IV: Customer Interview Flow Chart

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