Federal safety agency talking to Tesla about strange steering ‘wheel’

“Tesla’s history makes it no surprise when they announce new safety features as if they were easily reversible updates to a cell phone instead of controls to a multi-ton vehicle,” said Jason Levine, Executive Director of the Center for Auto Safety.
“While it may be possible to safely design a new steering wheel we look forward to hearing the conclusion of NHTSA’s inquiry as to whether that’s what Tesla has done here.”

By Gary Gastelu
January 29, 2021

Tesla’s new rectangular steering wheel has been raising eyebrows since it was revealed this week, and not just among admirers and critics.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started to take a look at the unusual control interface, Motor1 first reported.

“At this time, NHTSA cannot determine if the steering wheel meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. We will be reaching out to the automaker for more information,” the agency said in a statement confirmed to Fox News Autos.

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