Family Files Suit Against Chrysler – 7/10/12

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BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WTXL)–A major automotive company now facing a law suit from the family of a four year old Bainbridge boy. 

The family of Remington Walden say the four year old was riding in a Jeep Grand Cherokee when a pick up truck slammed into the back of the SUV. 
That family now suing Chrysler. 

The family’s attorney tells me that it wasn’t the initial crash. They believed it was the way the car was manufactured that led to the boy’s death. 

This is Remington Walden. He was on his way to a tennis lesson on the afternoon of March 6 but never made it there. 

“It was sad because you knew the car was totally engulfed in flames,” said witness Mary Dunn. 

Witnesses saw the Jeep Grand Cherokee catch fire. Walden’s aunt was driving when she was hit from behind. 

She got out but Walden couldn’t be rescued. Attorneys say his death could’ve been prevented. 

They say Bryan Harrell caused the crash but it was an explosion from the fuel tank of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that sparked a fire ultimately killing the child. 

“This was a problem that Chrysler had known about for a long time but the public just isn’t aware that these vehicles have these rear tanks and that they are at serious risk of fuel fed fires,” said Leigh May, a partner with Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer, LLP.

Because of his death the family is suing Chrysler in civil court. 

“They want chrysler to take responsibility for this design defect and they want other families to know that this could happen and they can make their own decisions on whether they want to put their families in vehicles with this defect,” said May. 

No amount of money will bring little remington walden back the family says they’re taking action in hopes of keeping other families safe.

An official at Chrysler told me the company is saddened by the death of Remington Walden but they stand by their product. They say their fuel tanks and where they’re placed on the vehicles don’t pose dangers and they’ll defend themselves in court.