Exemplary Equipment Queries

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The table below lists the largest number of recalls arising from NHTSA Equipment Queries (EQs)


Ricon Corporation

Investigation No.: EQ08-011

Manufacturer: Ricon

M/M/Y: S Series, K Series Platform Style Wheelchair Lifts

Subject: Threshold Warning System

Opened: 29-Jul-08

Closed: 04-Mar-10

Comments: [07E-095, 07E-097] 126 associated recalls


Webasto Product North America, Inc.

Investigation No.: EQ10-007

Manufacturer: WEBASTO

M/M/Y: Webasto Hollandia 600/700/TVS 900 produced 2002 through 2010

Subject: Failure of adhesive bond between sunroof glass and frame

Opened: 19-Aug-10

Closed: 06-Aug-12

Comments: [10E-038] 111 associated recalls


Dometic Corporation

Investigation No.: EQ08-010

Manufacturer: Dometic

M/M/Y: Two-Door Refrigerators, 2003-06

Subject: Refrigerant Leak

Opened: 23-Jun-08

Closed: 08-Dec-08

Comments: [08E-032] 83 associated recalls


Dimplex North America, Ltd.

Investigation No.: EQ10-006

Manufacturer: DIMPLEX

M/M/Y: MODELS # 47-1001, 47-1010-R, APT-135 made 1/1998 – 12/2008

Subject: Fireplaces overheat

Opened: 22-Jun-10

Closed: 28-Mar-10

Comments: [10V-201] 10E-027 and 23 additional  associated recalls


Norcold, Inc.

Investigation No.: EQ10-010

Manufacturer: NORCOLD

M/M/Y: 1200 series refrigerators made 1/1/2003-10/6/2010

Subject: Thermal switch thermocouple

Opened: 14-Dec-10

Closed: 09-Jan-12

Comments: [10E-049] 23 associated recalls