Chrysler GM Bailout

Second Circuit Decision Opens Door for Ignition Switch & Other Defects Claims Against GM Previously Barred by Bankruptcy Court

July 13, 2016 GM consumers today received a major victory in their ignition switch lawsuits that were previously barred…

Chrysler decision bodes well for GM claimants

Published: Lawyers USA, December 15, 2009

The Supreme Court’s decision Monday not to review Chrysler’s bankruptcy may turn out to help GM product liability claimants who were left in the lurch.

The justices on Monday turned down an appeal from the state of Indiana pension funds that earlier challenged the automaker’s bankruptcy proceedings. Most of Chrysler’s assets were sold to Italian automaker Fiat.

Chrysler to accept more product liability claims

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Chrysler Group LLC said Thursday it will accept product liability claims in a broader number of cases than originally planned in its reorganization under bankruptcy protection.

The automaker said it will now consider product-related lawsuits from consumers involved in accidents that occurred after Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy protection in June that involve vehicles manufactured by the old company.

GM Gets to Dump Its Polluted Sites

Detroit Free Press

August 7, 2009

GM Gets to Dump Its Polluted Sites



When General Motors Co. emerged from bankruptcy, it was freed of obligations for polluted properties at discarded plant sites that will require millions of dollars to clean up.

Consumer Advice from Prof. Norman I. Silber, Hofstra University School of Law

"Given the terms of the Court’s approval, consumers would be well advised to get rid of any Chrysler purchased before the deal because if this ruling holds nobody solvent will bear responsibility for design defects. When it becomes apparent that dumping these cars is the prudent thing to do, anyone who can afford to, will be apt to, do this; and this will leave mainly poor and ignorant persons holding pre-deal Chryslers. This is the most likely outcome, unless a special insurance market develops to protect, for a price, pre-deal Chryslers–which I doubt.

U.S. Pushed Fiat Deal on Chrysler

Internal Emails Reveal Resentment; Court Upholds Pact

June 6, 2009
Wall Street Journal

Hardest hit victims of the auto bankruptcy -Those injured in accidents may not get their day in court

June 4, 2009
by Herb Weisbaum

We’ve all heard about the financial hardships caused by the bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors. Employees, dealers and stockholders have all been hurt. But there are other victims who are not as visible: the customers who were injured in defective vehicles made by these companies. This is their story.

Obama’s GM Plan Looks Like a Raw Deal


MAY 29, 2009

Obama’s GM Plan Looks Like a Raw Deal

Congress, not a secret task force, should decide the company’s fate.


What public purposes animate the government’s planned rescue of General Motors Corp?


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