GM Side Saddle Pickups – Fuel Fed Fires

Who Pays the Bill? Appendix A

  LITERATURE REVIEW OF BURN INCIDENCE AND TREATMENT   Before World War II, those who survived fires and other burn incidents with major injuries received virtually no care before reaching a hospital. If they reached the hospital alive, they would receive largely palliative care. If they escaped the constant threat …

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Who Pays the Bill?

INTRODUCTION Motor vehicle injuries are a major public health problem. Vehicle crashes affect both the individual crash victims and society as a whole in numerous ways. The cost of medical care is borne by the individual through payments for uninsured expenses, by society through higher insurance premiums and through the …

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Court of Appeal of Lousiana Ruling II

Sixth Assignment of Error       The sixth assignment raised by appellant is whether consumer certificates could be transferred to dealers.       Section III.E.8 of the settlement agreement provides that: Certificates may not be transferred to authorized General Motors dealers or their affiliated entities during the first 15 months, except that …

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